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Wide 8 point buck. by CJ Mathes. (Orleans County ) 8-point with 22 inch spread. Taken with a crossbow on 11/13/2020 while still hunting. He was checking does as they walked by him and I slowly moved closer to where he was. Patience paid off and he gave me a 15 yard shot A buck with two standing normal points per side is an 8-pointer, one with three standing points is a 10-pointer, and so on. Similarly, you may ask, is an 8 point buck good? Research shows that most bucks are 8-pointers, like this one killed by Wyatt Reinhardt of New Hampshire, once they get to age 3 or older Wide-Antlered Deer is Actually an 8-Point Buck. Posted by Colton Bailey. December 19, 2016. Eight-point bucks are pretty common. But most eight-point bucks don't look like this one. Yes, you read that right. That is just an eight-pointer, and he is a beauty. Hunters daydream about what is walking by their trail cameras when they aren't hunting. A nice, wide 8-point that he has on trail camera previously. There is nothing quite as satisfying as having the deer you're looking for walk into the perfect shooting lane and offer a shot opportunity like this. It makes all the long hours of preparation before the season worth it. That was a great shot and the buck seemed to never know what. A close up portrait of an 8-point whitetail buck in early morning. 8 Point Rack Whitetail Buck in the snow. Close-up head shot of a whitetail buck deer with an 8 point rack, standing in the woods on a winter day. 8 Point Buck Bedded. 8 Point Whitetail deer buck bedded in a thicket during the rut in late November

From a whitetail management standpoint, this is the type of buck that is often called a management buck; he's at least 4 1/2 years old but only sports 8 points. A good buck, but for those aiming to improvement their herd he would be one to consider shooting this season. Of course, it all depends on the goals and objectives for a particular. Buck #4: Extra-Wide Eight I quietly snuck into the blind, pulled out my binos, and identified the wide 8-point I was after. I had to set up all my camera equipment, load the gun, and open. A. None of the first 300 whitetail deer that are listed in the Boone and Crockett Record Books are 8 Point Bucks. The reason for this is because an 8 Point Buck gets less measurements than a 10 Point buck, or any buck possessing more than 10 Points. Therefore it takes a monster 8 Point to score well The buck's jawbone was aged at 3½ years. In 2009, Tes killed her three-buck limit. The first was a 210-pound 8-point that scored 134 inches, the second a 225-pound, non-typical, 11-point and the third was a 225-pound 8-point with a 20-inch inside spread we named Hoss. All three bucks were jawbone aged at 4½ years or older 16-Nov-15. For a very rough on the hoof estimate on an average sized deer. Add the lengths of the G2, G3 and G4 (if present) multiply by 2 and add 95. So for instance, a buck comes in and you can see a 7 G2, a 6 G3 and a 3 G4. 7+6+3=16. 16x2=32. 32+95=127. It's very rough but a decent way to get an idea

Excitedly I climbed down out of the tree and made my way to the mature buck. I was disappointed when I got there because it was a very standard 3-1/2-year-old 8-point grossing about 118 inches. Not anything near what I planned on shooting. Of course I'm not the only hunter who has ever experienced a severe case of ground shrinkage on a buck Josh Sparks arrows a giant, wide 8 pointer on a frosty morning in Iowa. Caleb Byers goes back after the 200 buck he's encountered twice in the last week.. An 8-point buck in the eastern region of the USA could be 2-3 years old. Such a buck could be a giant monster with over five years of age on the western side. Summary. Aging a buck using the number of points it has on its rack depends on the counting concept used to number the points. You also need other factors to be able to predict the age of. BIG 8 POINT BUCK- Self-Filmed Bowhunting Adventure My adventure in Ohio last year chasing down a big buck. It was a fun trip, with the usual mishaps. I was f.. The Zieren Buck is a main frame 10-point that green scores 183 5/8 gross and 179 5/8 net Boone and Crockett. That score itself is enough to get any deer hunter's attention. The Wow factor of this Illinois brute is in the width of the rack. The inside spread of 28 1/8 inches and outside spread measurement of 29 1/8 inches places this buck.

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Field-Judging Live White-tailed Bucks & Does Antler Spread • Yearling bucks rarely have outside antler spreads greater than 14 inches. • Tip-to-tip distance between the ears in a relaxed or semi-alert position is about 13 to 14 inches for yearling and 2.5-year-old bucks and about 15 inche What is a Trophy Whitetail Buck. I've been hunting whitetail deer for nearly 30 years now, and have been fortunate enough to watch the hunt industry evolve. As a whitetail deer outfitter for 13 years I've seen all breeds of trophy hunters. I've seen those that simply want to take a Pope and Young Buck scoring 125 inches or above and glad.

Wild 8 pt wide buck Over 18 wide with good color. Here is a beauty 8 point in great shape. Please see all photos. Score sheet in photos. Not a professional but this score is close. Please see photos for condition. Ask any questions. Will combine shipping on multiple items - please wait for invoice on multiple items.</p> Nov 16, 2015 - A bedded down 8 point buck! While out in the woods looking for critters we came across this nice looking wide racked 8 pointer. He and another smaller buck had been eating acorns and doing a little playful sparing before he decided to take a break and lay down for awhile. Photo Shot 10-10-14 in Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Bob Carter of Pequea shot this wide, 8-point buck with his bow on Nov. 11 in Potter County. Buy Now. Twin brothers Charlie, left, and Carl Hample, of Lititz, shot 6-point and 8-point bucks. Mark Underkoffler of Mount Gretna had a short hunt opening day in Potter County, where he tagged this wide 8-point buck at 7:12 a.m. Brian Cooper of Millersville shot this 10-point buck Nov. 28 in. Dawson Wheeler, 11, killed this 17 1/4-inch wide 8-point buck on Sept. 3 at Bark Landing Hunting Club. Landon Eaddy Landon Eaddy, 9, of Johnsonville, killed this nice deer with a 125-yard shot Paul Hoang got this 15 inch wide 140 lb. 8 point buck on October 18th. Colonel Creek Hunt Club. October 28, 2019 · Melissa Rodriguez got this 16 inch wide 140 lb. 7 point buck on October 17th. Her second buck of the season. Nice going Melissa! Colonel Creek Hunt Club

Envío gratis con Amazon Prime. Encuentra millones de producto Dennis Anderson: A massive buck's undeserved demise An alleged poacher's taking of a likely world-record 8-point buck was a crushing blow to hunters who followed the animal for years. The whereabouts and meanderings in recent years of the world-record 8-point buck were known only to a select few hunters Harry Hayden's big buck from this morning - 182 lb... After puppy classes with The Learning Canine, Bran... Harry Hayden got a double this morning! One buck w... Jim McLain's buck was 19 inches wide and was an 8 Bill Baughman's 9 point buck weighed 157 lbs. Karie Grooms got her first deer last night - 103 lbs. Three new chicks just hatched When a buck is viewed in profile, you can tell if it has a long main beam if the tip extends to the end, or past, the deer's nose. An Ear's Width A wide spread between antlers also indicates long beams, with a trophy-caliber deer requiring an outside spread of at least 20 inches. Since the tips of a mature buck's ears are about 18 inches.

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I had this buck at 40 yards late last season and my gun misfired. He was a wide 8 point last year and now he will be my target buck for this year. And so the games begin Good luck to everyone and let's have a safe hunting season!!! Wide 8 point taken with a crossbow. Nolan shot his first deer, an 8 point Buck at the age of 10 in Remus, Mi. during the youth hunt. He used his new 243. He is a excellent shot

8 point Sika buck taken by Donald Heck. Donald Heck takes his whitetail cross-bow style. Bud Strauss and his 8 point Hill Country Buck. Brandon Beauchamp masters a beautiful Axis measuring 32 high and 29wide. Trophy blackbuck 23 ¾ 480 lb russian boar taken on a night hunt. First whitetail taken by one of our junior hunters One evening, while he sat in a tree where a runway crossed a big slough, several does walked under his stand, followed by an 8-point buck that stopped to rub his antlers on a bush. Mossy Horns showed up just after the smaller buck, but eventually moved off without coming close enough for a shot. That same week, Al had one more distant look at him The Wayne Bills Buck. At 201⁴/₈ inches, this buck holds the number 11 spot in the B&C record book. Courtesy Antlers by Klaus. Iowa's reputation for whopper whitetails was built on bucks like. It will eliminate the risk of high-grading, which is a likely outcome when many hunters choose to use their only buck tag on a 6-point or 8-point yearling instead of using it on a spike. Our constituents are correct when they say there are some narrow-rack older bucks out there 2013 Trophy Shots. Josh 12 pt buck 220lbs 20inches wide. Dylans buck. Dylan first buck youth weekend. 230 lb 8 point 17 1/2 inches wide. Josh First Buck. 205 lb. 8 pt 17 5/8 inside spread. Karen First Deer 232 lb. 8 Point 18 1/2 inch spread 6 1/4 inch base 25 inch main beams. Marvin 131 inch 8 pt 234 lbs

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Conversely, a buck with one point on one another but two on the other would be called 1×2. This is a simplistic way to score the rack of a buck, but a little more complicated way. 150 yards downhill, he felt a rush, sitting next to a heavy-beamed 14 pt., 232 lb. buck - one you might see but once as an Adirondack whitetail hunter. Counting all the points on the head of this buck including kickers over an inch, gave Tony a 12 pointer that tipped the scales at a respectable 219 lbs. dressed

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Odocoileus virginianus, .9 wide X 1.4 tall. This sculpted Pewter 8 Point Buck Pin is expertly crafted into wearable Big Game art, sure to please the trophy deer hunting enthusiast. Our especially detailed pins are cast in lead-free Fine Pewter with two short nails and two flat-backed clutches for a secure, non-spin hold The rack was 21 inches wide. Crissy Srpinger with her first buck, a 178-pound 8-point, which she took with her muzzleloader in Novembe while on an all women's hunt with BOW (Becoming an. This 8 Point Buck Deer Antlers Display Holder And Dagger Figurine set measures 6 tall, 10.5 long and 5 deep approximately when the dagger is installed. The Dagger alone measures 10.5 long and 2 high. The antler display holder alone measures 6 high, 7 wide and 5 deep. Together, the set weighs about 1.5 pounds He harvested a really nice wide 8 point whitetail in very nasty weather. He harvested a nice 8 point whitetail. Dr. Michael Cummings from British Columbia, Canada. This is his tenth year to hunt with Windriver whitetails and his 9th buck harvested. This deer weighed 318 pounds. The-Mike-Cummings-Buck The rare footage captured the exact moment when an 8-point buck shed its antlers: an annual occurrence, but something that is rarely caught on camera. 10 Tips for Wide-Angle Landscape.

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WIDE Wild whitetail deer antlers 123 Inch 8 point buck! $185.00 + $40.00 shipping + $40.00 shipping + $40.00 shipping. 7 watchers 7 watchers 7 watchers. AUSOME Wild Whitetail Deer Shed Antlers 10 Point Buck!!! $239.00 + $45.00 shipping + $45.00 shipping + $45.00 shipping Candy Moore 11 years old killed a 8 point buck with a 16 1/4 inch spread Sunday on the Bergman Ranch in Goodrich. Courtney Hubbard, 12 years old, shot her first buck ( 13 point) Saturday afternoon. Trista Hester 12pt. taken at the polunsky unit livingston 10/26/201 Nolan Drake harvested an 8 point buck on Saturday, Nov. 28, in Redwood, NY. Shot only 20 yards away! Todd Greenman took this nice 8 point on Saturday, Nov. 28, while hunting with his brother Steve and his uncle in Wellsville, NY. Carolina Burnard harvested her first ever buck on Nov 27, 2020, while hunting with her Mom, Amanda VanTassel Burnard 8 point Buck 2 months ago 5 I didn't recall ever seeing a Buck this close. High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important. In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best. Best cameras over $2500


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Ohio Hunting Photos. RUN! Randy Dyer shot this bird in Highland Co. on May 5th. Weighed 25 lbs, 10 3/4 inch beard and 1 1/4 inch spurs. Conner Ruggles used a shotgun to harvest this spike buck on Dec. 15 near Wheelersburg. Matt Chapman harvested this 5x6 Bull Elk on October 16, 2018 with his 300 win mag 8 point buck by A.P. Hill Fish & Wildlife CA Buck 8 pt (broken brow) 6.5 years old, 21.75 wide, 19.75 beam, 35 mm bases by A.P. Hill Fish & Wildlife TA giant 23.5 wide 6.5yr old 125lbs by A.P. Hill Fish & Wildlif

This awesome, cold cast resin replica 8 point buck wall mount is a perfect addition to any room with a masculine theme. The head measures 23 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches deep. The detail is incredible, down to the hand painted eyes. This deer head is brand new, and makes a great gift for any hunting fan or nature lover Custom Tooled Monogrammed Sheaths for the Buck 110 Knives. Sullivanleather. 5 out of 5 stars. (501) $34.99. Add to Favorites. More colors. Fits Buck 112 Horizontal knife sheath for small of back carry. New, knife NOT included, Black or Brown, for 1 1/2 wide belts Taxidermy Deer head mount, 8 point buck - $90 (Lawrenceville) Taxidermy mounted deer head, 8 point buck. He is approximately 35 in tall from the top of the antler to the bottom of the mount. I am selling for $90. Call or text 6 7 8 - six65 - 9699. No emails 8:30: A very wide, dark racked 8 point buck just walked on a trail about 50 yards below my stand. I tried to call him, he looked, turned and came towards me for a bit, then turned and left. 8:59: Two bucks chased a hot doe below me (east) and to the side. One buck was a nice mature deer, possibly the one that came close earlier Our youth (12 years and under) hunting package includes a $1,500 mature 8-point buck. All deer hunts include complimentary mixed game of hogs, coyotes, 2 javelina and does. The Trophy Hunt fee is based on the Gross B&C (Boone & Crockett) Score: Gross B&C Score and Hunt Fees: Management Hunt 9 points or less or scoring 129 7/8 or less $2,75

87 amazing bucks taken by Alabama deer hunters this year. Alabama hunters show off their trophy bucks from the 2018/19 deer hunting season that ended February 10. The photos are from our readers. Features. This awesome, cold cast resin replica 8 point buck wall mount is a perfect addition to any room with a masculine theme. The head measures 23 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches deep. The detail is incredible, down to the hand painted eyes. This deer head is brand new, and makes a great gift for any hunting fan or nature lover Taxidermy 8 Point Buck Deer Mount Head Wall Decor Man Cave Hunting. -. $250. (Greer) Welcome! Here you will find a beautiful 8 point taxidermy deer mount. The rack is 11 wide. It is a total of 29 tall. This was professionally done Antler size is one of the details we use to help determine age, but only one in a long list of aspects like body size and shape, muscle tone, the appearance of certain features, etc. You will develop a more effective management plan if you can distinguish a buck's age by assessing it in a photo or by sight 8 point from Concho County. I've got him on cam consecutive years, both as an 8. The vids are from last month. Wide 8 - 001 Wide 8 - 002 Wide 8 - 003 NOTE: I just noticed the vids are having some issues playing correctly.

The next year produced this 8-pointer, which at the time was the biggest buck Peak had ever shot. He's not as wide and tall as this year's 8, but there are a lot of similarities in their racks Kill a buck whose age is near the very bottom of the slope, just before the line crashes into the X-axis, and you have killed the rarest of bucks in the population. When you are starting out managing deer, a 3 1/2-year-old may be a rare veteran that represents a great achievement. After success building age structure, reaching 5 1/2 might be a.

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Jeff McCulley's massive 24-point point buck carried more than 88 inches of abnormal growth, pushing its net non-typical score to 257 4/8 -- enough to rank second all-time among Ohio's non-typical crossbow kills. Photo courtesy of Jeff McCulley. The archery season had already begun in Ohio when I acquired permission to hunt a total of about 20. Springfield — A full year after it was officially scored, the deer shot by Jason Sanders is still mistakenly referred to as The World Record 8-point buck. In reality, the central Illinois monster was a 9-pointer. More accurately, it is the largest typical 9-point buck ever accepted by the Boone and Crockett Club The other buck was an absolute giant-framed 8-point with a kicker on its left side. My message to Dad was pretty simple: Whichever one comes out first, let the arrow go! About an hour before dark I received a message from Dad that he had put a good shot on Unicorn Symmetry To the hunter's eye, this is a super-symmetrical buck, but it suffered 3 ⁵⁄₈ inches of deductions with B&C for unsymmetrical points (8 ¹⁄₈ inches of deductions overall). The brow tines are an inch different. Taping the Curve Scorers are taught to give every inch possible to a rack. On this kicker, NBBC measured the outside.

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  1. While there is the slightly humorous aspect to it, the reason I name the bucks is mostly practical. To be able to reference the specific buck without long, drawn out descriptions, like saying, You know, that 8 point with the uneven brow tines and the long slightly downturned tip on the left side
  2. Deer Antlers Taxidermy Bobcat Log Cabin Whitetail Deer Mounted Head Deer Shed Rack Horns Taxidermy Log 10 Point Buck Beautiful Winter Bison 6 Antler Trophy On Hand Carved Board Brown Mule Red Deer Antlers Pointer Aged Colar Texas Estate Sale African Cape Buffalo Snapping Turtle Shell Taxidermy Deer Huntingbones Cabin Man Cave Horns 4 Taxidermy Antlers Western Decor Log Cabin Deer Sheds 7.
  3. utes in the field and back out again
  4. Wide, symmetrical buck measures over 140 inches. With the first photos, Josh Guilbeau immediately knew the massive 8-point at the Jefferson County camp was the buck he would hunt during the 2016-17 deer season
  5. For one, a young buck (say, two or three years old) with a 8 or 10 point rack has the potential to mature into an older buck with high-scoring 10 or 12 point antlers, long tines, and heavy main beam. So, if you think about it, many of the reasons people consider larger deer to be trophies is because they have been given the time to mature and.

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Many, if not most hunters seem to over estimate the size of the Bucks they see. If people see a buck with a spread out to it's ears, they seem to assume the buck is 130 or higher for some reason. The truth is a lot of Bucks that people say are 130 or 140 class, are really 110 or 120 class. I shot a 12 pointer several years ago, other people who. The head measures 23 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches deep This awesome, cold cast resin replica 8 point buck wall mount is a perfect addition to any room with a masculine them The so-called 13-inch rule means that (in counties where it applies) hunters can take only one buck per county with antlers measuring 13 inches or more on the inside spread An alleged poacher's taking of a likely world-record 8-point buck was a crushing blow to hunters who followed the animal for years. November 15, 2009 — 12:21am Text siz Buy private label lifelike faux 8 point buck deer head bust wall mount hanging 23 inch with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Newegg shopping upgraded

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Food Plot Videos. Add Your food plot, habitat, or trail cam Video Here - we accept YouTube, Vimeo, or we can Convert Your Raw Footage. Food Plot Design for New Ground. Part 1 of our New Property Feature focuses on where to place food plots and what to grow. By: Pat Lefemine. Aug 21, 2020 Michigan bucks: Piebald buck among seven bucks shot by hunters from Jackson area. Updated Jan 21, 2019; Posted Oct 11, 2011 . buckpole1011.

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  1. The buck's rack was 21 wide, 18 tall and weighed 205 lbs. photo courtesy of Tom Coyne 18 year old VPSA member Lee M. White III, harvested this 11 pt. buck (his biggest buck to date) in Southampton County on 12-1-07 while hunting with the Davis-Ridley Hunt Clu
  2. This 8 point buck measures 21 Tall, 16 wide from point to point, 14 deep from the wall, and mounts to your wall with the keyhole shaped mounting bracket on the back of the mount. Weighing nearly 8lbs, this is a very high quality resin fake taxidermy shoulder bust that will impress visitors and spark lively conversations
  3. This style name is has been updated. It is formerly known as the Smartwool Men's PhD® Hunt Heavy Crew Socks.. Pull on a sock worthy of that 8-point buck. Smartwool's PhD Hunt Heavy Crew delivers: Merino comfort, superior breathability, natural odor resistance, stay-in-place fit, flex zones for added mobility, targeted heavy cushioning, temperature regulation, and long-wear durability
  4. White-tailed Deer. Managing for Age in White-tailed Deer. Most male white-tailed deer live to about 6 years of age. Some live longer, some less. Females tend to live about two years longer than males. The record white-tailed deer was a doe in Georgia that lived 22 years. About 60% of a deer's body growth takes place the first year of its life
  5. Find Mount Deer in Sports Goods For Sale. New listings: Whitetail Deer Mount - $450 (Bozeman), vintage 8 point deer mount 32 head neck full from 1960s acme panel co - $100 (caroline area
  6. • This 8 Point Buck Deer Antlers Display Holder And Dagger Figurine set measures 6 tall, 10.5 long and 5 deep approximately when the dagger is installed. The Dagger alone measures 10.5 long and 2 high. The antler display holder alone measures 6 high, 7 wide and 5 deep. Together, the set weighs about 1.5 pounds
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