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  1. This is indicative of a poor initial layout, perhaps due to inexperience. An experienced tile setter takes note of the areas where defects (like grout lines that can't line up, small or thin cuts, discolored tiles, etc.) would be most visible and makes sure things are perfect in those places, hiding the inevitable problems elsewhere
  2. The grout job is absolutely terrible and I don't know what else to do. The lines are thick and uneven. It looks splotchy and not clean lines. Some lines are thick and sloppy like as if he didn't wipe it clean while some lines are skinny. Can he fix the grout lines or is this something we have to live with
  3. Grout Lines for Floor Tiles As a general rule, floor tiles should have grout lines of 1/8 inch or larger, depending on the type and size of tile. Special types, such as slate or quarry tiles, often do not have edges uniform enough to work with tight spacing. These tiles usually are spaced with grout lines 3/16 inch or wider
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Then, build the rest of the pyramid design around that line. Use a straightedge to check the lines as you continue. 5 / 10. Family Handyman. Bad Grout. Don't let the beauty of your tile be overshadowed by bad grout Clear, clean grout lines make the tile look great and keep it looking new for Don't Skip Clean-Up. After the grout film has. Grout is frequently mixed up too wet and doesn't cure properly when it is. Soggy grout leaves the finished joints weak and prone to cracking or crumbling, as well as to efflorescence, a chalky, white appearance. If your grout is runny or too wet, add additional dry grout to the mixture until it reaches the proper consistency for use Grout, although technically set after about 24 to 48 hours depending on the type, actually takes up to a week to fully cure. This means that, if a mishap occurs, you do have time to fix the.. You WILL end up removing it from the grout line as well. Depending on the color of your original grout, you may be able to get by with just one coat of grout paint. In our case though, I needed to apply a second coat to fully cover our old brown grout LVT Flooring - Why I chose it. So a few months ago, I wrote a post on how I cleaned the nasty ceramic tile I inherited when I bought my 1980's fixer upper, and while my cleaning method was highly effective at whitening grout lines and removing years of filth from the crevices in the tile, I have always had major beef with ceramic tile. Not only do I think it appears cold, sterile and a bit.

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To match grout lines or not to match grout lines is one of the most common questions a client will ask. Back in the day when most tiles had cushion edges, matching the grout lines between floor and wall tiles was a must! This was due to the shadowing between each tile, a cushion edge tile crates the grout joint in turn would be wider which. Tiling indoors? This grout works. Tiling outdoors? Still works. Got a small 1/16″ grout line? Cool. Got a big 1/2″ grout line? That's fine too. This essentially means we don't have to debate over sanded or unsanded grout or worry that one product is better for one application, but we better use some other one for something else. floor til Don'ts: Avoid these Grouting Nightmares. Don't spread too much at once: When applying tile grout to the wall, scoop it from the bucket with your float and apply it to the wall in upward strokes. Work in 3 x 3 areas to ensure that the grout doesn't harden before you are able to work it into the joints. Finish grouting, shaping the joints. Remove the old grout with tools such as an electric multi-tool fitted with a tile blade or a manual grout saw. Use a small flat-blade screwdriver and a utility knife to clean up the tile edges and get into tight spaces. Be sure to check that tiles are securely attached to the substrate. Tap on the tiles with the plastic backside of a screwdriver

Once the tiles are completely dry, use a fine paint brush and generously apply the acrylic paint to the grout in an even manner. If the paint touches the tiles, just take paper towel to it and wipe the excess off (without touching the grout lines). As you can see, my tiles have a pink vein going through them To enable the two sizes to work in modular patterns the extra 5mm allows for the grout line between two 300 mm tils and still allows them to line up on both ends. You can use whatever joint size you like subject to minimums of 2mm for walls and 3mm for floors, just make sure you use a suitable grout for your joint size Don't start the first row of tile by resting it against the tub or shower. It'll cause trouble because most tubs and showers aren't perfectly straight or level. Your tile will wander from the plumb line, and misaligned grout lines will be your only solution. Tile extends beyond tu I adore the peachy tile with the darker orange seat (best description I can give you!). Lovely, subtle but a definite statement. Some of the others are fun, but might be too much to live with (as opposed to a hotel setting, where you can escape after a day or 2). And the ones where the grout lines don't line up send my OCD twitching. 2. Measure and pop a chalk line the distance of two tiles (probably 24 inches) from one of the walls. Continue measuring and popping lines the same distance all the way across the room

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actually, the tile doesn't have to line up perfectly with the floor tile. As long as it is staggered, it's fine. The contractor could have planned his layout a little better. I wouldn't have tried to line up the grout lines from the floor with the wall grout lines but I would have made the stagger a little bit bigger between the two Miraculous grout pens don't just work on white grout. Instagrammer @_houseofkate proves that a gray grout pen can completely update the look of a tiled shower stall. Blogger Natalie Lockwood of the Little Mill House spruced up the dark grout in her bathroom with the help of a handy grout pen It is simply how I tear out crap like this without my head exploding. I'm certain by now this is a very long page - don't worry, it'll be like a train wreck - you just can't stop looking. And I made 'em big - real big. Hey, don't complain! I'm the one that had to tear all this crap out Work slowly so you don't damage your tile. You can also use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the chunks of remaining grout that you can't dislodge with the multi-tool. Remove any remaining grout with a utility knife. Use a shop vacuum to clean up the grout and any accompanying dust as you work and after you finish the job Have extra on hand for the breakage factor. Don't forget to subtract for the sink, stovetop or other built-ins you will have on the countertop. You'll also need a 25-pound bag of thinset mortar and a 5-pound bag of unsanded grout for the tile joints. The unsanded type of grout is best for the small grout lines that will be less than 1/8 inch

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I'm sharing some good tips on how to smooth grout lines if you want to prep your floors for paint and don't want the old tile pattern to show through. Since we're now going all out on fancy-ing the upstairs of our rental home , one of the areas that needed a design refresh was definitely the bathroom floors While there's no set standard for the width of grout lines between tiles, certain commonly accepted practices prevail. For small-format tiles up to 8 inches by 8 inches, the spaces between tiles will normally be either 1/32 or 1/16 inch. Regular format tiles from 12 x 12 inches up to 16 x 16 inches will be spaced with 1/8 inch grout lines Don't attempt to line up. Even using tile vertical and same width grout you may think it will line up but unless using matching floor and wall tiles it will not work. Your 300 mm floor tiles may be 297mm and your 300mm wall tiles 298 mm - and assuming each side of square tiles are the same dimension

Actually, the tile and grout lines up perfectly with the tile and grout lines in the sunken area. My problem now is that people need to be able to see the edges and know that they are there and not trip up the step when walking in, or accidentally step off and fall when going to the front door Grout bonds mostly to the tiles, less so to itself. If you dig the grout out, try to do it at a 90 degree angle to the proper height grout, this will give you the best adhesion for your patch. Also, if possible try to make those 90 degree joins where there's more tile to adhere to (avoid starting a new grout line at the corners) *Thank you to Floor & Decor for sponsoring this post. Last month I shared with y'all the process of picking tile for our kids bathroom, and I'm happy to say that it's all installed, and we are that much closer to having a livable house! As a reminder, here is the tile we picked - a brushed marble tile for the floor, a tumbled marble subway tile for the shower walls, and a linear blue. 4. Consider Grout Size Grout size is almost as important as the look of the tile. Depending on how you choose to space the tiles, the grout line can either disappear or stand out. The tighter the tile spacing, the more the grout lines will become virtually so small that they appear to disappear Smooth the grout lines as you go, being careful to not remove too much grout. It should be fairly firm at this point. When the water is gross, switch to a new bucket. Pour the old water outside. You don't want it in your drains. A little bit of leftover haze is normal and can be taken care of easily

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If you don't like grout, you can install clickable, Watch this video to see how faux grout lines can be cut in solid surface material for use as wall on a shower surround. Fast Setting Concrete Lowes How To Install Wall Tile In A Bathroom Licensed contractor Amy Matthews shows how to install tiles in a bathroom shower area and the walls to. Finally, strike another line (5) parallel to 3, so that tiles will line up in both doorways. What can go wrong. Don't worry if walls, cabinets, tub enclosures, and so on, aren't square to your floor layout lines. Simply set the closest row of tile that's aligned with your layout, then cut tiles at the necessary taper to fit Groutless? Yes, I don't think that's a real word, but it should be! After re-grouting my showers over the past couple of weeks I am over tiles and grout. not sure how large the panels can come though but you'd certainly be able o minimize grout lines with them. Reply. Andrea says. August 26, 2016 at 4:30 pm. Pick up only. 2) Also bring an old rag. Otherwise you will get beautiful grout with a line of really dirty muck on either side. Trust me--if you wipe it up as you go you will thank yourself later. If you leave it for the end (I'll just mop the whole floor when I'm done...) it will be all crustified and twenty-two times harder to clean. Don't ask me how I know

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The change from light to dark is as simple as brushing on and wiping off some dark grout stain, letting it dry in between. I found this grout refresh at a local tile store, and saw some is also available online.The stain and sealer adheres and penetrates the porous grout, but is easily wiped off of the ceramic tile, so when you're finished the lines are thin and clean looking like the. This is simply a personal preference - whichever you think would look better in your shower is the one you should choose. The photos here have all the grout lines lined up. If you do not install your ceiling tile diagonally please line up your grout lines. If you don't it looks like crap - that simple Paint first, then grout pen. Read our full guide to using the Rainbow grout pen here. The key take away is that you don't have to be rich or a professional to get a fantastic looking kitchen, bathroom or utility room when you use some tile paint and a few grout pens. Get Your Grout Pen Now Grout both walls, spreading the grout over the tiles with a grout float. Press the grout into the lines between the tiles, while scraping it off the surface, then wipe up the excess with a damp sponge. Don't grout the corner line; leave it open

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The shower floor has small hex tile with larger grout lines so that took a little over two pens. Some tips: shake very well when first taking out of the package and any time you start working again after a pause. Depress the tip several times on to a paper plate or directly onto the grout line to get the paint flowing STEP 7: Remove the excess grout. Hold the float so it's at a 45-degree angle with the floor. Slowly drag the edge of the float over the gap you filled to scrape up the excess grout and make the. Matching interior grout can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. As with most things if you want perfection you need to invest some time and effort. I agree with you about how important it is to match both the grout color and texture. No matter how wide the grout lines are, if they don't match you can see it right away No matter how wide the grout lines are, if they don't match you can see it right away. You can prove this by mixing up some new grout and allowing it to dry. the sponge will remove grout. Don't bleach your groutrenew it! Change or refresh your grout color and make any tile floor, countertop or wall look brand new. Non-toxic. Odorless. Ideal for non-ventilated work spaces. A great way to change the color of your grout! Covers 175 lineal feet of average grout lines. Covers all grout stains. Fast drying

The steam nozzle really gets the stains up and out of the grout. As I go, I wipe up the wet dirt with a rag. A full reservoir lasts long enough to do a large section of floor, one customer raved Grout dries quickly so it is best to work in smaller 5 to 10 square feet sections to avoid grout lines where they are not supposed to be. Grout comes in many different types: powdered, premixes, sanded, non sanded, etc. Check what the tiles suggest is best to pair with the product to pick the right kind

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They make grout removal long, hard, and tedious work, so only rely on them for very small projects with unsanded grout, or for cleaning up tile lines after using a powered option. Key Shopping. Do NOT attack the grout like a bulldozer cuts into a hill of dirt. The stick will ride up over the grout. IMPORTANT TIP: Brush away or vacuum up the grout grit and dust as you work. If you don't, the grout grit will scratch the glazed tile. Floor grout contains fine pieces of silica sand and it's extremely abrasive

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When you purchase the grout for your tile, be sure to pick up the matching caulking color. All the major brands have a variety of colors in both. I recommend cutting a tiny hole and applying a thin line. You want to apply caulk anywhere you don't have grout This is such a great post. Thank you. I went out to Home Depot and bought an additional item that I think is a HUGE timesaver: a plastic squeeze bottle with a roller sized just for grout lines. HDX Grout Sealer Roller Applicator. It made the big areas super easy and I just had to trim the edges and corners by hand (I used Q-tips). I highly. Unless the grout is sealed, grout literally takes in any dirt, grime, body oils, soap, etc. Many homeowners don't know about sealing grout, or how to properly clean it if it is sealed, which causes grout to get dirty quickly. Once your grout is thoroughly cleaned and restored to its original color, follow up the process by sealing the grout

After scraping off the excess, I gave the grout five to 10 minutes to set up before cleaning the rest off with the sponge. Once again, when removing the grout with the sponge, I wiped across the face of the tile at a 45° angle to the grout lines and I didn't really need to use a ton of pressure here. Alright, hopefully you guys enjoyed this one When you install tile or stone, you need grout and you need the right grout. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Grout is an essential part of your tile installation and choosing the right grout can make all the difference between an installation that looks and performs beautifully over time and one that rapidly deteriorates into a dangerous eye-sore

I pull it over just a scotch. I don't cut right down the middle of the grout line. I actually cut. I'm gonna cut on this side of the line. I'm gonna cut right with the dark gray and the light-grade meat on that grout line and the reason is is because when you put light to dark, it's just naturally gonna hide that line darnless By matching grout and tile colors, you can create a minimalist look with the grout lines fading into the background. Using contrasting colors for your tile and grout make for a more dynamic design. For a look that splits the difference, pair your tile with a mid-toned neutral grout color, such as gray ANSWER ANSWER - Water coming up through your tile grout joints is an indication that you have a high water table on your property or that water is being directed towards your house, and you don't have a vapor retarder under the concrete slab to prevent water from migrating through the concrete. The white residue is likely efflorescence which are salt minerals that are absorbed by the water as.

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Grout - you either love it or you hate it! Those hard-to-clean lines between tiles do serve a purpose! This combination of cement, water and dye is a thick paste that helps keep the moisture out of the substrate, keeps tile lines straight, and prevents tiles from rubbing against one another. For some, grout color even serves an aesthetic purpose in tile design by pulling the overall look. Generally speaking grout gets darker over time as it becomes soiled from regular use and also do to improper cleaning. People tend to use mops that move dirt around and they don't pick up all of the dirty water with a wet vacuum so the dirty water absorbs into the grout making it darker over time

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Unsanded grout will almost certainly have shrink and stress cracks in it when used at that gap. Course, without knowing how the structure is built or what's underneath the tile, there may be other things that may add to your problems. You need to dig out at least 1/2 the depth of the grout, and on fresh grout, probably more is better Julie just used vinegar and a toothbrush to scrub the grout lines. There wasn't any grease build up on these particular floors nor do I think they were ever sealed. In a spot like a kitchen backsplash or a shower, where the grout was most likely sealed or there is grease build-up, I would use the recommended products to clean the grout How to Clean Up Epoxy Shower Grout. Cleaning up is the final step in applying epoxy shower grout and it could arguably be the most important thing you do. Your goal is to clean off the excess grout, tool the grout lines smooth, and make sure there won't be a hazy film left behind. Move your first bucket of warm water into position

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Pick up a free grout color sheet. Have your tiles handy to lay down next to the grout line printout for a fairly accurate representation of the finished product. uneven grout lines are. You can easily mix up a small amount using a few rules of thumb: If you have a small postal or kitchen scale, use 1 part water by weight to every 4 parts dry grout. If you don't have a small scale, add a little water and mix thoroughly. Stop adding water when the grout has the consistency of dough. Once you have enough water in the grout, mix. Grout line width. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the ways you can personalize your stone or tile flooring. In addition to having fun with color combinations of tile and grout, you can get creative with the width of the grout lines between tiles. First, the smallest grout lines, less than 1/8 inch, are ideal for rectified tiles

Manual Grout Removal. You don't need power tools to remove grout or caulk. Folks have been using their hands and muscles to chip out the old grout for y. ears. Manual grout removal takes time and patience, but you can get it done with some perseverance. All you need is a manual grout removal tool and the will to proceed This will also clean up your grout lines quite a bit. I found that when I had a grout line that was looking a little splotchy or weird, if I just ran my finger along the line it smoothed out nicely and suddenly looked way better. I didn't do this for all of the lines, just the ones that looked like they needed a little extra help

Please don't ever tape caulk. I've been painting and doing millwork for 20 years. The whole point of caulking is to create a smooth transition between trim and a wall. You just caulk your line - keep a damp rag on hand and wet your finger to smooth out the bead. This allows you to cut a clean paint line after Line up the mixture onto the lines of the grout and let it settle in for 5 to 10 minutes. After allowing for the necessary 5-10 minutes, you will see that the bleach did most of the heavy duty labor for you, simply grab your toothbrush and brush in circular motions

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Turn on the bathroom fan or open up a window. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, safety goggles, and some old clothes. Next, fill a spray bottle with 1 part bleach and 10 parts water. Spray the mixture onto the dirty grout and wait 2 minutes. Scrub the area using a stiff-bristled brush, then rinse with water Step 3. Then pick up the bowl with the thinned grout mix, and drop some of it over the crack gently. You can use the spoon to do that. Aim for the crack, so most of the solution can get inside it, but don't worry if there are drops all over the tile - this is completely normal and you will easily remove it later 5. Don't trust the walls. Walls are not always true. If you start a tiling project by following the wall, you may end up with a wavy pattern by the time your reach the middle of the floor. Instead, make a perfectly straight chalk line in the middle of your floor and start there. 6. Or better yet... boards are better than lines when starting a. When it comes to mixing up your grout, you don't want to wing it. Read the manufacturer's instructions on the bag or box, and follow them, says Dan. Whatever you do, don't add too much. The first step to keeping clean grout lines is to make sure your grout is properly sealed. Grout sealant is your first line of defense against dirt. Still, it's not the be-all, end-all of grout cleaning wisdom. Before you break out the cleaning supplies, you should know that the best approach to cleaning grout is a gradual approach

The grout paint will wipe off the tiles easily, if it's still wet. Once you've painted a small section, wet your rag and wipe the area down. Removing the paint from the tile while leaving it on the grout. Repeat until you've finished your area. I ended up doing mine over the course of 4 days by working a few hours every day. Don't get me wrong For any grout lines wider than 1/8-inch, make sure to use sanded grout. The sand particles bind together and make a more stable joint. Sanded grout can scratch, so it is best not to use it on delicate materials. Unsanded, or Non-sanded . For very thin grout lines 1/8-inch and narrower, use unsanded grout Working in one 2-by-2-foot area at a time, run the saw up and down the grout line. Vacuuming Loose Residue. Vacuum out flaked residue, or use a soft brush to remove the grout pieces. Clean Grout Joints. Put some abrasive cleaner on a wet rag and rub the joint to remove any remaining residue. Mix the Grout

With tile, the difference between dingy and dazzling often comes down to the grout in between.Grout is incredibly porous-like a giant sponge, which means it will absorb any grease, grime, oils or spills it comes into contact with, says Leslie Reichert, green-cleaning coach and author of The Joy of Cleaning ($9.47, amazon.com). And while the culprit may vary from room to room (mildew in the. Step 4 - Fill in the Crack. With the grout mixed up, you can try filling in the crack immediately. This will be a very easy solution to your problem if it works. Take a grout float and use it to apply the material to the crack. Then, wash off any excess around the outside of the grout line and let it dry DON'T rush the job. Painting grout takes patience and a steady hand. Apply grout paint with a tiny brush — trim the bristles a bit for greater control. Or pour some paint into a crafts store applicator squeeze bottle, and squirt it onto the grout, then spread it with your fingertip

Tools and Tips for The Actual Mortar Application Process for 12×24 Tile. As I mentioned before, mix your mortar to be a little bit on the thick side, and use a 1/2 inch notched trowel to apply it to the subfloor where you want your tile. You'll also want to have another smaller, un-notched trowel (called a flat margin trowel) on hand for a. Scoop a small amount of the grout up using your grout float, and then apply it directly to the line gaps that you created with the spacers in between the tiles. Start at one of the far walls and work your way down each line, holding the float at a 60-degree angle, gently pushing as much of the material into the gaps as possible Don't forget grout lines. The smoother the edge, the thinner the grout line you can use. Size of tile dictates waste. Larger tiles mean more waste. <12x12: 10% >16x16: 20%+ Patterns increase waste. Intricate and multi-size patterns create more waste. Always round up. When you measure the area, round up to the nearest foot

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I haven't heard of epoxy grout before, but that's exactly what I will need in our master shower- now you've opened up a world of tile possibilities! I had been thinking I would have to minimize grout lines or even just do a shower insert because cleaning the shower (and resealing grout) falls very low on my cleaning priorities If white vinegar doesn't clean the grout, step up to a paste made of baking soda and water. Apply it to the grout lines and then spray them with a solution of equal parts vinegar and warm water, as described above. The mixture will foam. When it stops, scrub with a stiff brush and rinse with clean water by Room Mates. $24.99. 53. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 53 total votes. Decorate your bathroom or kitchen with Blue Long Stone Tile Peel and Stick Backsplash. Each StickTILE pack includes four tiles. To install, remove the backing from each tile and apply to any smooth, flat surface. No grout, cement or wet saw is needed Allow the grout to a thoroughly dry (at least a few hours). Once completely dry, take the cloth and wipe away any remaining grout film from the backsplash tiles. After waiting at least 24 hours, seal the grout using the sealer product and a clean cloth if required. Always allow the sealant to cure before using the area Don't forget your spot test! Apply your DIY cleaner to the grout. Let the solution sit. Vinegar will need to stay on for about 30 minutes, while the baking soda cleaning solutions only need about 10 to 15 minutes to work. Gently scrub your grout lines using your grout-cleaning brush, toothbrush or chisel tool Choose sanded grout for larger gaps between tiles. Sanded grout is best used for gaps (called grout joints) that are larger than 1 ⁄ 8 inch (3.2 mm) in width. This type of grout has been mixed with fine sand, so it's better able to fill a large joint instead of shrinking. Don't use sanded grout on joints that are narrower than 1 ⁄ 8 inch (3.2 mm), since the sand may take up too much of the.