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Questions to Ask Your OB-GYN During Pregnancy. The Pulse, February And whether you're a new or experienced mom, you may have a lot of questions. Knowing which questions to ask at the right time can help you and your baby get the healthiest start possible. Here are some questions to help you get started. First Trimester (0 to 13 Weeks Ask Your Doctor These Questions Pregnancy is an exciting, 40-week journey, and you'll go to your OB-GYN or midwife's office often as your baby develops. Physicians typically recommend monthly appointments for your first two trimesters, beginning at eight weeks or so after your last normal period Who ultimately brings your baby into the world depends on your physician's practice. Some have a number of OB-GYNs on-call, and you'll get whoever that person is when you go into labor. In other practices, you'll always be with your own doctor. So be sure to ask how it works for your delivery so you're okay with what goes down on D-day. 10 Pregnancy Questions to Ask Your Ob-Gyn . Will This Hurt My Fetus? Get A Good Night's Sleep. Yoga - The Perfect Pregnancy Exercise. Chicken Pox and Pregnancy. Week 15 Week 16 Week 17 Week 18 Week 19 Week 20 Week 21 Week 22 Week 23 Week 24 Week 25 Week 26 Week 27. Week 28 Week 29 Week 30 Week 31 Week 32 Week 33 Week 34 Week 35 Week 36 Week 37. These are questions I wish I had asked my Ob! My youngest son is 5 weeks old, and although it was my second delivery I wasn't prepared for how awful it would be. I don't know anyone who has ever had a baby anywhere other than a hospital, so that's what I did for both my boys' births

I feel like every time I see my MW they expect me to have all these questions but being a FTM I am not sure what questions I should be asking. I feel like most of my questions have been answered and my biggest questions are on labor/delivery that will be answered by hospital visit. So help me out ladies, what are some questions you asked, want to ask or wished you asked? Between 24 and 28 weeks, you'll be given a glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes, and possibly another blood test to check for anemia. If you're Rh-negative but your baby's father isn't (or you don't know for sure), an extra tube of blood will be drawn for an antibody screen, which checks to see whether your body is producing.

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9 Questions I Should've Asked My OB-GYN Before My 20-Week Ultrasound. I had no idea what to expect as a first-time soon-to-be mom. And because I'm a control-freak, I went to each prenatal. B. BabyS1120. Sep 15, 2019 at 7:09 AM. I just went for my 24 week appointment and I asked about my ankles swelling (which she wasn't concerned about at all) and about the glucose test. I have to do it right before my next appointment at 28 weeks. She gave me the drink already and the instructions. That was it though Questions You Should Ask Your Ob-Gyn at Every Visit. Pregnancy Skin - Get That Pregnancy Glow. Chicken Pox and Pregnancy. Week 15 Week 16 Week 17 Week 18 Week 19 Week 20 Week 21 Week 22 Week 23 Week 24 Week 25 Week 26 Week 27. Week 28 Week 29 Week 30 Week 31 Week 32 Week 33 Week 34 Week 35 Week 36 Week 37 Week 38 Week 39 Week 40 Obviously this won't happen at the first ultrasound (because the fetus is more of a bean than, you know, a fetus). At your 20-week (or so) appointment, however, the ultrasound technician will.

And when you're at the beginning of your pregnancy we know you will have a lot of questions and concerns. Call (336) 378-1110 to make an appointment at our Greensboro office. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we have an on-call physician available 24/7 in case of emergencies. Post navigation Prenatal care is an important part of a healthy pregnancy, especially as your due date approaches. Your health care provider might ask you to schedule prenatal care appointments during your third trimester about every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on your health and pregnancy history. Starting at 36 weeks, you'll need weekly checkups until you deliver

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  1. You'll also weigh in, do a urine screen, and check blood pressure like you do at each appointment. As always, be sure to ask your doctor any questions that you thought of since your last appointment. This time, your doctor will start asking you about fetal movement. Most women begin to feel their baby move between 18 and 23 weeks
  2. For a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, your doctor will probably want you to follow the recommended schedule of prenatal visits: Weeks 4 to 28: 1 prenatal visit a month; Weeks 28 to 36: 1 prenatal visit every 2 weeks; Weeks 36 to 40: 1 prenatal visit every week; Prenatal care is important for both your health and your baby's
  3. Questions to Ask Your Doctor: You're finally at the end of your pregnancy , and soon you'll meet your two little ones! This will be your last well-visit before the babies are born
  4. If you did not meet with your health care provider before you were pregnant, your first prenatal visit will generally be around 8 weeks after your LMP (last menstrual period).If this applies to you, you should schedule a prenatal visit as soon as you know you are pregnant
  5. , and what types of genetic screenings you should choose

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Stay healthy while you're pregnant and learn the 11 crucial pregnancy questions to ask your doctor at your first prenatal visit. Anxious, excited, overwhelmed. I entered the doctor's office as a soon-to-be first time mom, overcome with how new everything would be for me. I figured the basics about pregnancy, but still had many questions Ask if your baby's movements are occurring about as often as your last appointment Ask you to leave a urine sample to check sugar and protein levels Be Prepared to Discuss: For the safety of you.. Hello, Thank you so much for sharing these questions, will definitely be using this list to find our next dr. I have had 2 previous c-sections. First one was at 39 weeks (went in because we were first timers and I panicked thinking I wasn't feeling the baby move!) so my dr told me to go get monitored, she decided to induce me because supposedly the baby wasn't moving too much (I feel. During week 24 of pregnancy, blood vessels in your baby's lungs are forming. This eMedTV page describes the prenatal checkup you'll probably have at 24 weeks pregnant and discusses risks the posed by gestational diabetes

The anatomy scan is a level 2 ultrasound, which is typically performed on pregnant women between 18 and 22 weeks. Those who want to can find out the sex of the baby, if desired. The primary. As Christina Han, MD, explains, if you ovulate two eggs and they're both fertilized, the twins would be dizygotic—otherwise known as fraternal, because they're genetically different. A twin that results from the division of a single embryo would be monozygotic, or identical (although it doesn't necessarily mean. hmarie-am. Jul 30, 2021 at 6:30 PM. I changed OBs at 22 weeks. The first OB I met with was at 8 weeks, and I really liked her. My next 2 visits were with the NP. I found out earlier this month that my OB would be leaving, so I met with the other physician at the practice and wasn't super impressed

Prenatal medical care: Greater than or equal to (≥) 14 and less than (<) 24 weeks and no prenatal care started at time of screening Greater than or equal to (≥) 24 weeks gestation and no prenatal care started at time of screening Started prenatal care during third trimester (greater than or equal to (≥) 24 weeks gestation) 3 At 24 weeks pregnant, you can now feel the top of your uterus around 2 inches (5 cm) from your belly button . The skin on your abdomen and breasts is stretching, which can cause these areas to feel itchy. Many times the itchy skin can be caused by dry skin. If you are having itchy and/or dry skin, use a moisturizer or lotion for back-up or for high-risk OB consults. Attendings are present at every delivery and every cesarean section . Triage Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs): There is a CNM in triage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week who primarily evaluates any OB triage patient. They then discuss patients with either the chief resident on-call or with the W previous visit. Also, questions that the physician may want to know - Have you been having nausea/vomiting?-Have you had any vaginal bleeding?- Have you felt any movement from the baby? Example: 25 year old Gravida I Para 0-0-0-0 female complains of nausea in the morning for the past 2 weeks

Ask questions about the likelihood of you having a normal birth. Ask early and often. Let your doctor or midwife know you're committed to having a normal birth. Be sure to ask specifically about vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) rates if you have had a previous c-section . While some of these questions may seem like they are not related to. 21 No questions for this chapter 22 Basic principles of ultrasound, 40 Mladen Predanic, Frank A. Chervenak, and E. Albert Reece 23 Prenatal diagnosis of central nervous system malformations, 42 Gianluigi Pilu and Sandro Gabrielli 24 Prenatal diagnosis of thoracic and cardiac abnormalities, 44 Gianluigi Pilu, Philippe Jeanty, and Juliana M.B. Leit We tackle 13 common questions you may be too embarrassed to ask your ob-gyn in person, covering sex on your period, vaginal discharge, PMS, female ejaculation, and more The info you're curious to know, sans the discomfort of discussing delicate matters while wearing just a paper gown 28 to 36 weeks Two visits per month (every two to three weeks) 36 weeks to delivery One visit per week. 09/24/2020. San Francisco Is Giving $1000 to Pregnant Black and Pacific Islander Women. Questions to Ask at Your First OB Appointment. Paula Kashtan. Your OB Can Tell You About More Than Just Pregnancy See Preconception Counseling. III. Protocol: Schedule of Clinic Visits. Confirmation of intrauterine pregnancy. First Obstetric Visit at 8 weeks gestation. Routine Obstetric Visit. Prenatal Visit every 4 weeks to 28 weeks gestation. Prenatal Visit every 2 weeks to 36 weeks gestation. Prenatal Visit every 1 week until delivery


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• Ask questions based on what you already know • Ms. X is a 24 year old Gravida 2 Para 1001 at 39 weeks by last • Ms. Y is a 24 year old G0 who presents to clinic with 3 months of dysmenorrhea. Presentations/Notes: Any OB patient For example (HPI): Ms. X is a 24 year old Gravida 2 Para 1001 at 39 weeks by las 8 Questions to Ask Your OB/GYN during Pregnancy. 4 minutes. Since pregnancy is an experience that involves many changes, it's normal for expecting mothers to have concerns. After all, you want to make sure you and your baby are safe. Last update: 26 March, 2018

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  1. One out of nine mothers do not carry to full term (37 or more weeks), and roughly 100,000 babies end up in an NICU each year. We hope that your pregnancy and delivery go smoothly, but if the unexpected should occur, here are 15 important questions to ask: 1. How many babies are cared for in the NICU each year
  2. 5 Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman - Instead of the Gender Question. You never know what that pregnant woman has gone through to get to that point. Maybe she's had five miscarriages before this pregnancy. She might have lived through the torture of a stillbirth at 37 weeks
  3. g of pregnancy appointments could be more or less than this, depending on your health and your baby's health
  4. Visit your ob-gyn or other health care professional at least 4 to 6 weeks before a trip outside the United States. During this visit, you can go over your travel plans, get advice about specific health issues, and get any vaccines that are recommended for the area you will be visiting. This also gives you time to call your health insurance
  5. Your next prenatal visits — often scheduled about every four weeks during the first trimester — might be shorter than the first. Near the end of the first trimester — by about 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy — you might be able to hear your baby's heartbeat with a small device that bounces sound waves off your baby's heart (Doppler)

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24 weeks pregnant symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms are usually lighter in the second trimester, but there are still some unpleasant aches and pains you may experience. During week 24, your symptoms. Your Fifth Appointment. Between 18 to 22 weeks you'll likely have your fifth prenatal care visit. Here's what this appointment may involve: Check for swelling in your hands and feet. Check your blood pressure. Listen to the baby's heartbeat. Measure your fundal height to check baby's growth. Record your weight You should feel your baby move at around 24 weeks and the baby should move 10 times in a 2-hour time period. 5. How often should you see your doctor? In the beginning of pregnancy, you will see your provider every 4 weeks. At 28 weeks, you will begin to see your provider every 2 to 3 weeks

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3rd Trimester, 6th Appointment (Week 37) Provided you and Baby are in tip-top shape, this will be another one of those quick and easy, but super helpful 15-minute appointments. The healthcare provider will take your weight, blood pressure, and ask you to provide a urine sample, which they will screen for elevated levels of protein and sugar Always ask your doctor first if he is happy for you to go and make sure you go to a masseuse who is certified in prenatal massage. Also, don't lie on your back after 18 weeks. Most places will let you lie face down on a table with a cut out (as it's probably the first time you will get to do this, enjoy it!)

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The length of time for women to wait to have intercourse following delivery is variable; the average is six to eight weeks in the United States, but it may be shorter or much longer.35, 36 No. Interviewers will be focused on finding out if you're the right fit for the position, but it's also important to decide if the company is the right fit for you. Have a list of questions to ask in a job interview. These questions should be about Questions to ask and organizing ideas to help you get ready for maternity leave. Third trimester prenatal visits. By Darienne Hosley Stewart Your pregnancy week by week 2 weeks. 3 weeks. 4 weeks. 5 weeks. 6 weeks. 7 weeks. 8 weeks. 9 weeks. 10 weeks. 11 weeks. 12 weeks. 13 weeks. 14 weeks. 15 weeks. 16 weeks. 17 weeks. 18 weeks. 19 weeks.

44 Questions For Your Midwife. January 1, 2013. Written by Svea. Just last week I had the privilege of meeting with two fantastic midwives. Recommended by a friend, they are the women I hope will accompany me through my second pregnancy and delivery. They are kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, and funny I had di/di twins, and I had weekly appointments from 28 weeks on, including bi-weekly NSTs (Non-Stress Tests) after 33 weeks, and monthly growth ultrasounds from 20 weeks on. Ask your doctor how much monitoring you will be receiving and be prepared for extra appointments BPAS provides abortion treatment up to 24 weeks. When there is a substantial risk to the woman's life, or a fetal (foetal) abnormality, there is no legal time limit for abortion. Abortions after 24 weeks must take place at NHS hospitals. The charity ARC Antenatal Results and Choices provides information and support about fetal abnormality A cervical length below the 10th centile for gestational age is considered short. At 18 to 24 weeks' gestation, the 10th centile corresponds to a cervical length of less than 25 mm. 9. The cervix undergoes physiologic shortening that begins at 28 to 30 weeks of gestation. At 32 weeks, the 50th centile for cervical length is 25 mm

If you have any questions about your reaction to medication, you should contact your provider and ask about it. You might experience side-effects, especially when your body is adjusting to the medication in the first few weeks, but you should not feel worse on medication With 350 questions to choose from, I'm confident that everyone can find plenty of good questions to ask! Try to be creative as you can and have fun with the questions. And don't forget to ask follow up questions! I've also put a PDF and an image of all 350 good questions to ask at the bottom of the page. Good questions to ask. 1 3 Responses. well my appointments got fairly boring after my first one. my first one was at 12 weeks because i couldn't afford to go before then. they did an ultrasound, blood work, urine sample, weight, blood pressure, and a pap smear. then after the first appointment it was just weight, heartbeat, blood pressure, and urine. it all depends on. Find answers to the most commonly asked questions, as well as questions to ask your doctor about breast cancer. We're available 24/7. you should talk to your primary care physician or OB/GYN. These conditions usually begin within a few weeks of starting treatment and go away on their own within six months after treatment ends. For some. Consider preparing a list of 5-10 questions to ask ahead of time. Having a written list of pre-prepared questions will help in the instance that you get nervous and don't remember what you wanted to ask, or questions don't arise organically during the interview

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A 50- or 120-mcg dose is recommended before 12 weeks' gestation, although 300 mcg can be administered if lower doses are not available.3 After 12 weeks, a 300-mcg dose should be given.12. PROGESTERON Typically doulas offer advance visits (you can use that time to ask questions, work on your birth plan and get to know each other more) and postpartum visits (to assist with breastfeeding, answer questions and help you process the birth). The standard is to offer 1-2 prenatal visits and 1-2 postpartum visits in addition to the birth You also can ask if telehealth is an option for your appointment. If you have an in-person visit, it is important to wear a cloth face covering or mask, stay at least 6 feet away from other people when possible, and keep your hands clean. Talk with your ob-gyn if you have questions about how to stay safe Rh(D) antibody levels should be measured in pregnant women at the initial prenatal visit and again at about 26 to 28 weeks. At that time, women who have Rh-negative blood are given a prophylactic dose of Rh(D) immune globulin. Additional measures may be necessary to prevent development of maternal Rh antibodies 12 questions to ask at your next doctor appointment. If you only see your doctor once a year, these questions become even more important. Amanda Capritto. March 3, 2020 12:28 p.m. PT

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Abruptio Placentae and Placenta Previa NCLEX Questions. 1. A woman, who is 22 weeks pregnant, has a routine ultrasound performed. The ultrasound shows that the placenta is located at the edge of the cervical opening. As the nurse you know that which statement is FALSE about this finding: A. This is known as marginal placenta previa At the first prenatal visit you can get to know your midwife or doctor, learn about her background, and begin to build a relationship of trust. You can ask questions and get information on good books to read or specialists you may want to see during your pregnancy, such as a chiropractor or lactation consultant

Prices vary considerably from city to city, and even local hospital to local hospital. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, found in 2014 that in the Golden State alone, the. A 23-year-old G2P1011 presents to the emergency departmentcomplaining of lower abdominal pain and vaginal discharge for the past week. She also noticed some spotting over the last 2 weeks. Her BP is 128/76, HR 86, RR 16, Temp 98.8F. The patient appears well and in no distress. Case #

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Case Study 113_Antepartum (Prenatal) Scenario P. M. comes to the obstetric (OB) clinic because she has missed 2 menstrual periods and thinks she may be pregnant. She states she is nauseated, especially in the a.m., so she completed a home pregnancy test and it was positive. As the intake nurse in the clinic, you are responsible for gathering information before she sees the physician A postpartum checkup is a medical checkup you get after having a baby to make sure you're recovering well from labor and birth. Go to your postpartum checkups, even if you're feeling fine. They're an important part of your overall pregnancy care. Postpartum care is important because new moms are at risk of serious and sometimes life. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the Pregnancy & Babies Page for more pregnancy-related updates and week-by-week updates!. In case you missed me gushing over it yesterday, yesterday was an absolutely great day. We had our 12 week prenatal appointment, and I was thrilled to leave that appointment knowing that Baby Tooth was looking perfect according to both my doctor and the. the plan for delivery. Fetal status must be assessed on every patient who is evaluated or admitted in a triage unit. This should be performed without delay for any fetus of 24 or more weeks. A recording of fetal heart rate (FHR) and uterine contractions is advised until categorization of the FHR tracing is determined

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Diabetes screening at 24-28 weeks . Hemoglobin / Hematocrit / Platelet count at 24-28 weeks † Antibody Screen at 24-28 weeks in Rh negative women † Influenza vaccination † Review test results . Discuss: -Signs of complications including The sequence of prenatal care, including History,. Prompt answers for your OB-GYN questions, without an appointment . It's easy to worry when you think you need to talk to a women's health specialist - an obstetrics and gynecology doctor, or OB-GYN. JustAnswer's OB-GYNs are available to help with issues of pregnancy, menopause, childbirth and much more A baby is considered premature if he or she is born before 37 weeks, but more severe issues occur when a baby is born earlier than 32 weeks. Babies born later than 32 weeks in developing countries may have more severe problems than babies born in high resource countries since those countries often lack the resources that preemies need To determine if the client is medically eligible to use COCs, ask questions 1-11. As soon as the client answers YES to any question, stop, and follow the instructions after question 11. Ask questions 12-17 to be reasonably sure that the client is not pregnant. As soon as the client answers YES to an