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  1. Web: Salambala Community Campsite in Nacobta Email: office@nacobta.com.na. How to get there (from the Nacobta website): From Katima Mulilo head south towards Ngoma for about 50 km. A signpost on the left indicates the turn-off to Salambala on the right. There is a small cuca shop at the junction. The last 5 km of the way lead through Mopane.
  2. A non-profit membership organisation that supports communities in developing tourism enterprises in Namibia
  3. In 1991 the area was identified as a good place for a community campsite and community members lent their donkey carts to prepare the site, with the campsite opening in 1992. The new structures were built in 2006 with funding given to NACOBTA by the ICEMA (Integrated Community-based Ecosystem Management) project
  4. Community-based tourism in Namibia. Information on community based tourism in Namibia and its association NACOBTA. Association was established in 1995 to advantage of local communities wishing to benefit from development of tourism to previously disadvantaged areas in the country
  5. Bumhill Campsite (NACOBTA) Namibia - Caprivi -17.7805315,23.341184099999964: Camp Letlhakane: Botswana - Makgadikgadi Pans -21.50179, 25.61387: Caprivi Houseboat Safari Lodge (Katima Mililo) Namibia - Caprivi -17.49523605000109,24.324099205834955: Changachirere Camp (Matusadona NP) Zimbabwe - Zambezi Valley -16.712679923813862,28.66265487391501
  6. Figtree Community Campsite has four campsites, each with their own braai (barbeque), water, warm shower and flushing toilet

Contact: Erik Post: Manager Tel: +26461250558 Mobile: +264813097548 Web: www.nacobta.com.na Email: office@nacobta.com.na How to get there: Nambwa is 14km south of Kongola. The road to take is well signposted from the main road, the B8, very close to where Bum Hill Community Campsite is. There is a 45 minute drive from the point where you leave then B8, and you will definitely need a 4×4 car The nights are magical when the stars, undisturbed by pollution or lights, twinkle and shine or when moonshine lights up the granite boulders and campsite in a silver twilight beauty. This is when camping is one of the best experiences in the world and campsites like Granietkop are true finds. (RS) info@nacobta.com.na www.nacobta.com.na Expo. THE Namibia Community-Based Tourism Assistance Trust (Nacobta) is not yet financially secure but it hopes things will improve in the future. Khowarib campsite gets facelift - The Namibia NACOBTA was established in 1995 by several local Namibian communities who already pioneered tourism community projects (campsites, tour guides, craft centres). It is a membership organization managed by a committee of several community people elected by members. From 16, membership rose to more than 45 community-based tourism enterprises (CBTEs.

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The Cardboard Box Travel Shop offers a booking service for all accommodation establishments in Namibia. On these pages we have included a few of our favourite guest houses, lodges, hotels, pensions and game farms around Namibia Nambwa Lagoon Camp is located approximately 1114km northeast of Windhoek.To reach the lodge, visitors take the B1 from Windhoek to and until Otavi.At Otavi, turn right on the B10 and go northeast until Rundu.At Rundu, go east on the B8.The lodge is approximately 14km south of Kongola.You continue on the B8 and will see your turnoff to the. Answer 1 of 2: Bookings problems for community base camsite within Namibia are think of the past. drop a mail info@spitzkoppereservations and they will assist you within no time. I did camp at most NACOBTA campsite and they assist proffessionaly and without.. except for campsites in Kaokoland, Namibia. We would like to camp at the Purros and/or Ongongo community campsites (near Sesfontein) for a couple of nights during the first week of August as we make our way from Etosha to Terrace Bay. NACOBTA has a website through which you can presumably book these sites. When we contacted NACOBTA throug

NACOBTA is now supporting a shift toward community involvement in tourism as its core objective. Community involvement in tourism aims to optimize one or more of the following benefits; fees (bed-night levy, entrance fees, concession fees), employment (including training), management (joint ventures, land use planning), and enterprises. Réservations campings Nacobta en Namibie - forum Namibie - Besoin d'infos sur Namibie ? Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne Greetings: I am planning a self-drive 4x4 safari to South Africa, Botswana and Namibia for 5 weeks beginning in the middle of July, 2004. We plan to rent a v

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NACOBTA Namibian Community-based Tourism Association some cases the community-based campsites in Kunene have contested ownership (e.g. Khowarib Restcamp, Purros Campsite1,. The campsite is the property of the Bum Hill community and the members run the site and all the benefits are used for the community to establish the conservation and social projects such as renovations of school, creation of a clinic, and improved local transportation. The lodge has a good commercial link with international tour operators, also. level. A table summarising the similarities and differences between NACOBTA and UCOTA is shown in Table 1. Table 1 Comparison of NACOBTA and UCOTA Factor NACOBTA UCOTA Establishment Established By community members with assistance of NGOS and donors in 1995. By community group representative and Nkumba University supported by the North Carolin Inventory and Analysis of Community Based Tourism in Zambia Louise Dixey CBT Consultant, PROFIT 1 Executive Summary Community based tourism (CBT) can be defined as tourism which is owned and/or managed by communities and generates wider community benefit. CBT is in its infancy in Zambia but it is growing with tourism in general Palmwag, Khowarib community camp, also lodge, Sesfontein we try to avoid camping there, although people say that Camel Top is OK, Puros, Marble Mine, Opowo Country Hotel, all OK by most standards. Don't take the track up the Hoanib to Sesfontein from the Poort - it is a horrible road - from the Poort, bear left and go up the Ganamub to the.

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Namibia is one of the top Diamond producing countries in the world while Uranium, Tin, Copper, Lead and Zinc are the important minerals. The Agricultural, Fishing and Mining industries account for more than 25 % of the country GDP, Tourism is the major economic activity. Posted by granietkop at 11:09 AM Strengths: NACOBTA managed by the (community), really wild, cheap, beautiful hike. Weaknesses: need a 4x4 to camp in the volcano, watch the ground is very stony (not easy to plant sardines), provide water. Price camping: N$ 25 PP + N$ 10 per vehicl La Namibia Community Based Tourism Association est une strucrture d'aide à la gestion d'une grande partie des projets de tourisme communautaire du pays (ici un camping, là une association de guides locaux là, de ce côté des centres artisanaux)

NACOBTA Namibia Community Based Tourism Assistance Trust or NACOBTA is a uniquely designed organization which reaches out to communities looking to join the larger tourism industry and makes for excellent Namibia self-drive accommodation. NACOBTA has grown considerably in the last few years in an effort to develop and operate enterprises for. UCOTA-The Uganda Community Tourism Association: a comparison with NACOBTA. Pro-Poor Tourism Working , 2001. Alison White. Anna Spenceley. Alison White. Anna Spenceley. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER Highlights: NACOBTA managed by the (community), really wild, cheap, beautiful hike. Weaknesses: takes a 4x4 to camp in the volcano, attention soil is very stony (not easy to plant and sardines), provide water. Camping price: N$ 25 per person + N$ 10 for vehicle - (according to the 2011 rate NACOBTA: N$ 30 per person

community-based tourism but much still needed to be done.In 2003, Nacobta's projects - campsites, cultural tourism, trophy hunting, and joint venture tourism - generated more than N$14, Tourism Association (NACOBTA). The campsite is located approximately 100 km south of Khorixas, along dirt roads, on the banks of the ephemeral Aba-Huab River (Figure 6.1). Figure 6 to drink water at the campsite. The community members. warden, the bulk of the money they make is from tourism. The trust has camping facilities and chalets and offers day game drives and night drives. There is also a curio shop, which sells arts and crafts to tourists (www.khamarhinosanctuary.org). According to Mearns (2003, 29), community-based tourism in a pristine environment can b The turn-off towards Kubunyana Community Camp is indicated by a sign post on the right. From there it is another 4km towards the campsite's entrance. The track is sandy in places and only negotiable with 4x4 vehicles. </p> Kubunyana Community Camp General Details. Telephone

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advice from the other stakeholders such as WWF, DoF, Namibia Community Based Tourism Association (NACOBTA), Wildlife and Parks, NNF, and Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC). 2.2. Core area The conservancy has a core wildlife area, whose boundaries on three sides have been declared in the Government Notice NACOBTA Namibia Community Based Tourism Association NGO Non Governmental Organisation NPC National Planning Commission, Namibia NTB Namibia Tourism Board NWR Namibia Wildlife Resorts SADC Southern African Development Community SIDA Swedish International Development Agenc NACOBTA (Namibia Community Based Tourism Association) is instrumental in helping along the efforts of local communities and conservancies to establish these projects. The main emphasis is to offer tourists an insight into the various ethnic groups & cultures that make up Namibia. One of these community projects is the Nakambale Museum and Rest. Tel: +264 65 270 120 Fax: +264 61 222 647 E-mail: office@nacobta.com.na . Xaragu Camp: Situated on the C39, +-21km away from Twyfelfontein. Campsites have no electricity, but petroleum lamps are available at the reception if needed. All sites have a small roof for added shade. Restaurant and bar are available at the lodge itself Namibia Dollars. Namibia trip - itinerary advice. lodges in kaprivi hit by floods. Aus to Luderitz. Nam tour 4x4 going along for a reason... Where to buy fresh seafood in Nam. Namibia in July. Vloede /Floods Namibia Info Asb. D707 Namibian Garden Route

Answer 1 of 2: Hi, we are planning a self drive trip to Namibia this Sept and would like to spend a couple of nights at Purros Campsite. I am really struggling to find contact details to secure a booking. Can anyone help Homeb Camp is located in the Kuiseb river valley and offers a spectacular view of the dunes. The campsite is basic among the trees on the bank, still underdeveloped with no ablution blocks and water but there is a concrete braai area and a long drop toilet, not well maintained though. The visitors must therefore provide their camping equipment. With only 6 campsites, it is essential to pre-book. They were full the 3 nights we were there in late October. Fabulous place. Natural setting. Huge campsites along the river and only 5 or so K to the lagoon where we observed many animals. The road getting there is a bit daunting with very soft sand (about 13.6k) from the B8 turnoff Community Campsite: The community which operates Kambahoka camp believe in the motto Our culture is our pride, and we will gladly share it with you. NACOBTA was formed in 1995 by local Namibian communities who wanted to develop tourism in their previously neglected rural areas Successful Community Based Tourism. Logistical backup. Effective Marketing. Booking Communication. 15. NACOBTA founded in 1995 by local communities who wanted to develop tourism enterprises in communal areas. 48 Active Member Enterprises- Campsites, rest-camps, traditional villages, craft centres, information centres, museums and local tour guide

Years ago, the NACOBTA (Namibian Community Based Tourism Association) gave back this land to the Damara community to run. The Spitzkoppe were formed many years ago due to volcanic erosion's. Spitzkoppe: view from the B2. Once we had paid for our stay, we headed off to look for a campsite to spend the night. This campsite was the most natural. Campsites, private public partnership with community-run accommodation with a heritage site to provide interpretation, community-run campsite (KALEPA) to pro-poor initiatives. In Namibia, for example, NGOs have provided support for community organisations, like the Namibia Community-Based Tourism Association (NACOBTA),.

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NACOBTA Namibia Community Based Tourism Assistance Trust NASCO Namibian Association of Community Based Natural Resource Management Support Organisations NDFFC Nyanga Downs Fly Fishing Club NEAP National Ecotourism Accreditation Program NEPAD New Partnership for Africa's Development NGO Non-governmental organisatio Photo curtesy of tripadvisor Community Campsite: Community tourism Camping sites along the banks of Aba-Huab dry riverbed which can accommodate up to 60 persons, 2 ablution blocks with flushing toilets and showers. Bar with cool drinks, restaurant

NACOBTA (Namibia Community Based Tourism Association) is instrumental in helping along the efforts of local communities and conservancies to establish these projects. The main emphasis is to offer tourists an insight into the various ethnic groups and cultures that make up Namibia Camping site; N$53.00 pp per night; Meals. Breakfast: N$35.00 pp; Lunch: N$55.00 pp; Dinner: N$70.00 pp; Directions to the Rest Camp. From Windhoek, take the B1 south to Rehoboth (87 kms). Drive through Rehoboth and continue driving south on the B1. Just after Rehoboth, turn right on the C24 to Klein Aub. Follow 90 kms of gravel road to Klein. NACOBTA Namibia Community Based Tourism Assistance Trust NACSO Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organisations NGO Non Governmental Organization NTB Namibia Tourism Board RETOSA Regional Tourism Organization for Southern Africa SADC Southern Africa Development Community. NACOBTA Namibia Community Based Tourism Association NACOP National AIDS Co-ordination Programme NACSO Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organisation To cite this article: Oliver Mtapuri & Andrea Giampiccoli (2013) Interrogating the role of the state and nonstate actors in community-based tourism ventures: toward a model for spreading the benefits to the wider community, South Africa

Witvlei Ziegies Accommodation +264 62 570079 ziegies@iway.na Campsites. Khowarib Community Campsite +264 65 275 333 264 66 252108 Salambala Campsite +264 66 252875 nacobta@iafrica.com.na. The non-profit organisation NACOBTA (Namibia Community Based Tourism Association; %061-250558; www.nacobta.com.na; PO Box 86099, Windhoek) has also estab-lished many well-kept and affordable camps throughout the country. To camp on private land, you'll need to secure permission from the landowner. On communal land - unless you're well awa Ruacana Hippo Pool Campsite +264 61 255977 nacobta@iafrica.com.na Hakusembe River Lodge + 264 66 257010 ros@wyevalenuseries.co.uk Duwisib Castle +264 6638 5303 reservations@nwr.com.n AFRICA HR SOLUTIONS IN NAMIBIA. Welcome to Namibia! A southern country bordering South Africa, Botswana, Angola and the Atlantic Ocean. Formerly a German colony, it is home to beautiful natural attractions such as the Namib desert, canyon parks and one of the most stunning landscapes in Africa

Community Based Tourism Namibia is the first country in the world to incorporate environmental protection into its Constitution. From this commitment many Community Based Tourism options have sprung forth, each providing real monetary.. KPRN network GmbH, Frankfurt. Mushara Collection, Etosha National Park. Namibia Community-Based Tourism Association (Nacobta), Windhoek. Namibia Sun Hotels (nowadays Ohlthaver & List Leisure), Windhoek. Namibia Tourism Board (NTB), Windhoek & Frankfurt. Ondekaremba Lodge & Campsite, Hosea Kutako International Airport. Safaris Unlimited, Windhoek Answer 1 of 6: This is a warning to anyone considering booking with the Spitzkoppe Reservations and Info Centre run by Lesley Tjongarero, And I should note at the outset it has no official link to the Spitzkoppe community camp. Our experience.. Campings communautaires en route vers Épupa falls - forum Namibie - Besoin d'infos sur Namibie ? Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne

1996. 43 • Nature Conservation Ordinance of 1975 was amended (Act no. 5 of 1996) - legally creating communal conservancies. • Wilderness Safaris Namibia, in partnership with the community, opens Damaraland Camp in the Kunene Region (this facility has been recognized internationally for its far-reaching eco-tourism, quality service-based. Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes for the development of community-based tourism enterprises, including campsites, traditional villages, and making and marketing crafts. The project has supported the establishment of the Namibian Community-Based Tourism Association (NACOBTA). This NGO is an association rep-resenting community-based tourism enterprises that also provides technica Find your campsite. DNR manages 80 campgrounds across the state and we want you to come out and enjoy them. Campsites are available first-come, first-served at no additional cost with the purchase of your Discover Pass. A limited number of reservation sites are available at the Margaret McKenny Campground in Capitol Forest and Elbe Hills ORV. At Kongola you turn south onto the D3511 gravel road and continue for approximately 7km. The turn-off towards Kubunyana Community Camp is indicated by a sign post on the right. From there it is another 4km towards the campsite's entrance. The track is sandy in places and only negotiable with 4x4 vehicles. Ma

Campsites and CBTEs 915 827 2.6% Veld products 568 361 1.6% What % of profit should be returned to the conservancy or community group for the Marketing & Booking (annual fee to NACOBTA) 0 6,570 8,213 9,855 11,498 Bank charges 1,600 1,760 1,936 2,130 2,34 This paper explores the development of community-managed small tourism enterprises with two pilot conservancies in the Caprivi Region of Namibia, each of which had been given rights by the government to develop campsites in the adjacent national park. Conservancies consist of areas of communal land on which neighbouring landowners or members have pooled resources for the purpose of conserving.

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Fantastic camping opportunities are found on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) undeveloped public lands, a highlight for any recreation enthusiast who wants open space and solitude to pitch a tent and enjoy the great outdoors. Besides developed campgrounds, national conservation areas, and open-air recreation, the BLM provides dispersed camping for those who want to get away from it all Nacobta and Women's Action Development, contributed finances, advice, guidance, information and regular feedback. The motivated and well-organised restcamp committee ac- campsite, has shown how community action, science and common sense can work together to develop an appropriate, alternative way to ensure Namibia. Namibia. Schachtschneider

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Moreover, the two major associations Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA) and (NACOBTA) in charge of promoting community based tourism in Uganda by providing loans and training to the local communities are predominantly donor funded. NACOBTA is 99% donor funded whereas UCOTA is 44.8% donor funded (Elisa et al., 2001) UCOTA empowers the. NACOBTA Namibia Community Based Tourism Association NACSO Namibia Association of CBNRM Support Organizations . VII NDT Namibia Development Trust NGO Non-governmental Organisations OVC Orphan and Vulnerable Children USAID United States Agency for Development SADF South African Defence Force. Khorixas - List of Companies in Khorixas Namibia. Search for Namibia Companies in Namibia Business Directory. List of Top Companies in Khorixas and their Contacts, Addresses, Emails There are two accommodation options there: Camp Syncro, and the Okarohombo Campsite operated by the local Himba community under the auspices of NACOBTA. Both are within a few kilometers of each other, and both offer shaded campsites near the Kunene river, braai sites, toilets and showers, but no provisions or firewood at all They are mainly small-scale (campsites, guesthouses, craft markets, local excursions) although can include partnerships with the private sector. In Southern Africa, the Namibian Community-Based Tourism Association (NACOBTA) was founded in 1995, the same year as Responsible Ecological Social Tours (REST) began supporting CBT in Thailand.

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A campsite at Nambwa (12km from the tar road) is a community campsite which has received many recommendations. It is important to book this campsite well ahead of time as it is extremely popular. 10km from the tar road is a luxury lodge, Susuwe Lodge. Well appointed campsite (www.nacobta.com.na) GPS Coordinates Popa Falls: 18 06 57 S, 21 35. The non-profit Namibia Community-Based Tourism Association (264-61/250-558, fax 264-61/222-647; www.nacobta.com.na) represents local campsites, villages, and guides committed to developing. Tsub Gaus is developing a community campsite and participated in Sardep as well. Oskop is a conservancy that is being implemented with support from Namibia Development Trust. At Hoachanas, the local farmers' association is rehabilitating land and initiating sustainable resource management Helge Schutz. NAMIBIA, Apr 19 1999 (IPS) - Twenty years ago the Caprivi was Namibia's richest wildlife area. Apart from elephant, rhino, hippo, crocodile, wild dog, lion, leopard, cheetah and other predators, it was also the habitat for 22 species of hoofed mammals, including giraffe, eland, roan, sable, buffalo, blue wildebeest, impala and kudu

Community Based Tourism Namibia is the first country in the world to incorporate environmental protection into its Constitution. From this commitment many Community Based Tourism options have sprung forth, each providing real monetary and social benefits to the local communities who provide them, and ultimately a more authentic Namibian. 16 This tender process was supported and driven by NGOs such as the WWF or NACOBTA (Namibia Community-based Tourism Association). 17 Interview with Kobus de Jager, owner of the White Lady lodge and the Ugab Wilderness Campsite on 03 July 2005 Community based tourism (CBT) has for the last three decades been used as a model for promoting the local community‟s economic, social and environmental wellbeing through tourism activities. The community based tourism theory exhibits various result globally in regard to its success. In Africa, the concept has been implemente Thus, the Namibia Community-based Tourism Association (NACOBTA) should plan to develop a partnership between the communities and private sector's small and medium tourism enterprises. Future Developments Shafer and Moeller (1994) have identified 25 future development areas in the tourism industry. Their research was conducted in 1992 in Spain.

Community Based Tourism. Namibia is the first country in the world to incorporate environmental protection into its Constitution. From this commitment many Community Based Tourism options have sprung forth, each providing real monetary.. Many of the exhibitors are members of NACOBTA - the Namibia Community-Based Tourism Association - that was founded in 1995 with the aim of improving living standards among Namibia's rural communities. Members welcome visitors to their sites without advance notice We are camping at a community run place called Granietkop Campsite, it is the cheapest place we have camped so far at 40 Namibian dollars per person, and the setting here is stunning! The camp ground is laid out around a hill made out of big orange boulders and the individual sites are placed around this hill Insurance. MWeb Namibia. MWEB Namibia. MWeb Namibia. MWeb Namibia. NACD - Namibia Association of Children with Disabilities. NACOBTA - Namibia Community Based Tourism Association. NACOBTA / Namibia Community Based Tourism Association. NACSO - Namibia Association of CBNRM Support Organisations

Vulkan Ruine Tours & Transfers is a Namibian owner-managed tour and safari operator. Vulkan Ruine full service Destination Management Company (DMC) offering world class professional service, dedicated team of experts and a hassle free travel experience to southern Africa. With over 33 years in-depth industry experience and large fleet of. Find Tourism Associations in Africa and get directions and maps for local businesses in Africa. List of best Tourism Associations in Africa of 2021

CARAN P.O. Box 80368 Windhoek / Namibia Cell: +264 81 417 3797 8h00-16h00 weekdays. Contact u All campsites on this website should be free or $12/night or less for everyone. No camping location listed here should require you to be of a certain age, occupation, or a member of a group. If there is a fee that matches our criteria, that fee is the same for everyone NACOBTA, the Namibian Community Based Tourism Association, was established in 1995 as a way for local villagers to work together and learn from each other in implementing sustainable tourism as a way to support wildlife conservation and improve local people's livelihoods. Since then, the number of community wildlife conservancies has grown. The Giao Xuan Community Ecotourism has been set up in 2006 by the Volunteers For Peace Vietnam and MCD (The Center for Marine life Conservation And Community Development). It'a very large community (10000 inhabitants) located in The Xuan Thuy park about 150km south east from Hanoi. The park was also acknowledged by the UNESCO as part of the core zone of the Red River Biosphere Reserve

Namibia Community-Based Tourism Association (NA-COBTA) supports the tourism activities of commu-nal conservancies through information exchange and training. Financial manage-ment principles and negoti-ation techniques are two training topics valued by community groups and of-fered by NACOBTA. Also, establishing and fostering links between community CONCEPT PAPER FOR USAID SUPPORT TO THE NATIONAL CBNRM PROGRAMME BEYOND THE CURRENT LIFE PROGRAM TABLE OF CONTENTS List of Acronyms r~ ~;~ Executive Summary i-iii 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Results of the CBNRM Sector Assessment 2 3.0 Summary of LIFE Program Evaluation 5 4.0 Proposed Goal Statement and Results Indicators 9 C 5.0 Opportunities and Options for Support 1 The Car Rental Association of Namibia (CARAN), is a non-profit association of twenty-four members. The association's objective is to protect clients and the car-rental industry against rental operators who offer sub-standard service and quality. Member companies must subscribe to minimum standards before they are accepted as members of the. Maxi's background is tourism and conservation; in 1995 she co-founded the Namibia Community Based Tourism Association (NACOBTA) and was the Director of the association for 9years. Maxi joined NACSO in 2005 as the Secretariat Coordinator, current activities include coordinating the NACSO's three main thematic working groups and 9 non-profit. This equipment includes vehicles, camping equipment, cameras, GPS and binoculars. In many parks, a lack of basic infrastructure, like housing, reduces staff morale considerably and makes staff retention problematic. As a result, there is an urgent need to invest in staff housing, fencing, water reticulation and other basic infrastructure to.

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Publications: Poverty reduction, value chain linkages and inclusive tourism. Revenue sharing from tourism in terrestrial African protected areas (2017) Anna Spenceley, Susan Snyman and Andrew Rylance. A prerequisite for the sustainability of protected areas in Africa is the meaningful inclusion of local populations in conservation and tourism Regardless, these parks represent a network of Namibia's most sought-after tourist destinations and often include a wide-range of adventure, camping, hiking and wilderness activities. /Ai-/Ais Hot Spring

However, after much thought, I must agree. I look to myself for an example. I regard my love for animals as a strength (a personality strength), and therefore I care very deeply for all animals, especially stray or injured ones. This can also be one of my weaknesses, because I may decide to take in many stray animals, because of my love for them

Kolmanskop, near Luderitz was established in 1908 as a diamond mining area, an entire community sprang up in 2 years due to the diamond fever, within 40 years the settlement experienced total boom and bust and is now a ruined ghost town almost covered in sand. It was abandoned when the diamonds became less and less and better supplies were. Namibia Community-based Tourism Association. 2002 - 2003 1 year. Windhoek, Namibia. Tourism Facilitator Integrated Rural Development & Nature Conservation. 1997 - 2002 5 years ventures under the umbrella of Namibia Community-Based Tourism Association (NACOBTA). The focus is on the coastal strip between Sandwich Bay and Cape Cross , including Walvis Bay , Swakopmund (Swakop) and selected locations along the main corridors to the region ( Khorixas Tourism, Communities and National Policy: Namibia's Experience Caroline Ashley* Since independence, the tourism sector in Namibia has grown rapidly (National Planning Commission, 1995). Since 1995 community involvement in tourism has been an explicit government strategy, promoted by a range of governmental and non-governmental actors. Much has already been learned about the economic, social. Acknowledgements This paper is based on the 2003 Review of Community-Based Natural Resource Management Projects in Botswana. The CBNRM review study has been carried out for the National CBNRM Forum with financial assistance from DFID, the CBNRM Support Programme and GEF/SGP. The CBNRM Review has benefited from the support and input of many people in the CBNRM villages, private companies.