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THE EMPLOYEES' STATE INSURANCE (CENTRAL) RULES, 1950. MINISTRY OF LABOUR . NOTIFICATION. New Delhi, the 22nd June, 1950. S.R.O. 212.— In exercise of the powers conferred by section 95 of the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948 (XXXIV of 1948), the Central Government is pleased to make the following rules, the sam Government, after consultation with the Employees' State Insurance Corporation hereby makes the following rules, namely:— 1. Short title and commencement.— (1) These rules may be called the Employees' State Insurance Corporation (General Provident Fund) Rules, 1995 EMPLOYEES' STATE INSURANCE CORPORATION —— NOTIFICATION . New Delhi, the 17th October, 1950 *No. RS/5/48. — In exercise of the powers conferred by section 97 of the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948 (XXXIV of 1948), the Employees' State Insurance Corporation is pleased to make th 1 The Recommendations and Strategies are intended to apply only to disclosure of ESI under Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 16 and 26.2, Brady, Giglio, and the Jencks Act, and they do not apply to, nor (. PDF. information?. information (ESI) and the current applicable case law. In the case of any asserted conflict between these guidelines and either the referenced rules or applicable case law, the latter should control. INTRODUCTION 1. Purpose The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate the just, speedy, and inexpensive resolutio

  1. EMPLOYEES' STATE INSURANCE ACT, 1948 [Act No. 34 of Year 1948, dated 19th. April, 1948] An Act to provide for certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury and to make provision for certain other matters in relation theret
  2. Consider uptriage to ESI 2 if any vital sign criterion is exceeded. Pediatric Fever Considerations 1 to 28 days of age: assign at least ESI 2 if temp >38.0 C (100.4F) 1-3 months of age: consider assigning ESI 2 if temp >38.0 C (100.4F
  3. The Employees' State Insurance Corporation is a pioneer Social Security organization providing comprehensive social security benefits like reasonable Medical Care and a range of Cash Benefits in times of need such as employment injury, sickness, death etc. The ESI Act applies to factories/establishments where 10 or more persons are employed
  4. The ESI Scheme applies to factories and other establishment's viz. Road Transport, Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas, Newspaper, Shops, and Educational/Medical Institutions wherein 10 or more persons are employed. However, in some States threshold limit for coverage of establishments is still 20. Employees of the aforesaid categories of factories an
  5. isters and regulates ESI scheme as per the rules mentioned in the Indian ESI Act of 1948
  6. ESI Rules: Employees State Insurance Central Rules, 1950 size:(268.93 KB) . 2019-04-01: 3: Download the Open n PDF Files of Creatives on -Safe Workplace Guidelines. Ministry/Department ड्रॉपडाउन में ESIC चयन करें.
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(6) Corporation means the Employees' State Insurance Corporation set up under this Act; 4[(6A) dependantmeans any of the following relatives of a deceased insured person, namely:— 5[(i) a widow, a legitimate or adopted son who has not attained the age of twenty-five years, an unmarried legitimate or adopted daughter, ESI Checklist Superior Court in Maricopa County: Commercial Court Checklist for Rule 16(b) Joint Report Discussions Regarding ESI The court requires the parties to have a meet-and-confer discussion concerning electronically stored information (ESI) at the earliest possible time in the litigation, and followed b ESIC Act Rules for Employee in Hindi .pdf. ESIC Act Rules for Employee in Hindi .pdf. Sign In. Details. Dear friends, I am attaching copy of notification dated 8.2.2012 notifying ESI (Central) Amendment Rules 2012. As per the notification, minimum amount for dependant benefit has been fixed at Rs.1,200/- p.m. w.e.f. 1.3.2012

some form of procedures or rules for ESI-intensive cases. Specifically, 43.8% of respondents . Monday, September 01, 2014 2 . requested guidelines to assist counsel, 34.6% requested a model order that would mandate procedures or required topics of conferral, and 12.4% requested binding local rules 35, became effective, creating a comprehensive set of rules governing discovery of electronically stored information, (ESI). Given these rule changes, it is advisable to establish a suggested protocol regarding, and a basic format implementing, only those portions of the amendments that refer to ESI. The purpos E-Discovery (ESI) Guidelines. The Guidelines, Checklist and Model Stipulated Order on this page are court-approved and counsel should consult them at the beginning of a case. The Guidelines and Checklist were updated effective December 1, 2015 to comport with the changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure adopted by the Supreme Court and. Many court forms are provided in PDF format. The free Adobe Acrobat ® Reader may be used to view, save and print PDF forms ESI is important, especially to litigators, as it is a fertile ground of potentially relevant information for a case. It is imperative that litigators understand the ules r governing ESI and the discovery process to ensure that the information is properly (1) captured and (2) able to be properly admitted into evidence. The Federal Rules of Civi

ESIC Return Due Date. ESIC Return filling and payment can be both done at the same time. Hence, the ESI return due date is the same as that of payment. I.e., on or before 15th of every month. Penalty for Delayed Payment. Delayed remittance of ESIC /PF deposit will incur penal damages. The penal charges, as specified by the EPFO, ESIC are as. ESIC/PF Rules For New Establishment Of A Group Of Companies. shaukat hussain. 6. 1. My company Sachin Chemical Ltd having 5 units in different states of India. All are covered under PF ESIC Act. All units having its own different registration under both acts. Now our management is going to start a new Unit under same name in UP state ye galat hua magar 10 lack wala rule esic me nhi h. vishal nagat. February 19, 2017. Reply. Meri salary she p.m. 250 .00 ka ESIC deduction hota he kya me meri family ke kisi dependend member PR hue hospital expenses kya remenbersment pa sakta hu please replay me. Suyog. February 13, 2017 The ESI contributions paid by the eligible unit (employer) on behalf of workers employed by the company for the eligible project, under PSI -2007, as per the statutory limits prescribed under the Employees State Insurance Act, 1948 (hereinafter called the ESI Act), will be considered admissible for calculation of the incentive amount. Th Payment and filing due dates for PF, ESI, and TDS; Steps for PF online payment on the EPFO portal; PF admin charges - A quick guide; Here ends the post about the EPF rules for employer. Also, we like to hear from you in the comments section below. Automate processes such as PF and ESI calculation, deduction, and payslip generation

Overview of Employee State Insurance Scheme or ESI scheme Employee State Insurance or ESI is a scheme commenced by the Government of India to offer medical, monetary and other advantages to workers. ESI is managed by an autonomous authority - Employee State Insurance Corporation - which lies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour. Employees' State Insurance. Employees' State Insurance (abbreviated as ESI) is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. The fund is managed by the Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) according to rules and regulations stipulated in the ESI Act 1948. ESIC is a Statutory and an Autonomous Body.

Protective Order(s) in this case, or governing law, rules, orders, or agreements regarding inadvertently produced documents. Pursuant to Federal Rule of Evidence 502(d), any inadvertent production of a privileged or work product-protected document or ESI is not a waiver in the pending case or in any other Federal or State proceeding. 5 Update 22 December 2016: ESI wage limit has been increased to Rs. 21000 from Rs 15000 per month with effect from 01st January 2017. Official Circular: ESIC Notification wage limit 21000. Gazette Update: ESI Amendment Draft Rules to increase wage limit to Rs 21000 has been published. The Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) today raised. Envío gratis con Amazon Prime. Encuentra millones de producto

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  1. Rules 26, 33, 34, 37, and 45, and Federal Rule of Evidence 502; b. The applicable rules of professional responsibility and other duties of counsel that are relevant to electronic discovery; and . c. The Local Rules and Discovery Guidelines (Appendix A) of this Court. APPENDICES. Appendix 1: Suggested Topics for ESI Discussion
  2. 3 Principle 2.02 (Rule 26(f) Meet and Confer) When a case involves e-discovery, the Court encourages the parties to engage in on-going meet-and-confer discussions and to use the Court's Checklist for Rule 26(f) Meet and Confer Regarding Electronically Stored Information to facilitate ESI discussions. Such discussion
  3. Rule 45 (Supoenas) - Rule 45 is amended to recognize that ESI also can be sought by subpoena. Revisions to Rule 45 include the following: A subpoena may specify the form or forms in which the ESI is to be produced. Rule 45(a)(2). If the subpoena does not specify a particular form in which the ESI is to be produced, the part
  4. Severity Index (ESI) and as resource requirements increase, such as with a severe condition requiring emergency intervention, i.e., chest tube insertion, and surgery. Queries to consider related to assigned resources would be, for example, 1) how many laboratory and radiology tests are needed, an
  5. supplement their disclosures in accordance with Rule 26(e) with discoverable ESI responsive to a particular discovery request or mandatory disclosure where that data is created after a disclosure or response is made (unless excluded under (C)(2) or (D)(1)-(2) below). 2. Absent a showing of good cause by the requesting party, the followin

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  1. regarding ESI found in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, so practitioners familiar with the federal rules already will understand many of the provisions in the revised CCP. The Act by its terms takes immediate effect. Thus, the amended provisions of the CCP are now in place, and litigants in California courts must immediately comply with them
  2. Rules 26 and 34 relating to ESI discovery were also incorporated directly into Rule 45. Accordingly, the headline ESI concepts of inaccessibility, test sampling and cost-shifting - as well as the one-bite rule, the reasonably usable format rule, and claw back rule - are now specifically included in Rule 45
  3. state and Federal rules. The Similarities Between the California Rules and Their Federal Counterparts Both define ESI broadly. CCP § 2016.020; FRCP 34(a)(1). Both allow a requesting party to inspect, copy, test or sample the responding party's ESI, within appropriate limitations. CCP § 2031.010; FRCP 34(a)(1)
  4. A. Rule 45 has many corresponding ESI provisions from amended Rules 26 and 34 1. Rule 45(a)(1)(D) provides the opportunity for testing or sampling a non-party's ESI and is derived from Rule 34(a)(1); 7 2. Rule 45(d)(1)(B) contains the requirement that if the subpoena does not specify th

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  1. - Next, an employer must file Form 1, which is available in PDF format on the ESIC website. Note: ESIC will verify all the details and issue a 17 digit unique number. This unique number is required for all filings. - Every employee will receive an ESI card post submission of the form stating all details by the employer
  2. federal and state laws, rules and regulations. In addition, when our company operates in other countries, we are subject to the laws of those countries. Thus, our Code of Conduct requires us to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, as well as all company policies and procedures. For specific information concernin
  3. Here is the official gazette notification of reduced ESIC new contribution rates 2019 in PDF format. Download Reduced ESIC Contribution Rate Gazette Notification PDF The main aim of this decision is to bring more number of employees under ESI scheme, there are more than 3.6 crores of employees and 12.85 lakhs of employers are going to benefit.
  4. al ESI, the standard of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34(b)(2)(E)(ii) should apply and the Government be required to produce ESI in a reasonabl
  5. disputes concerning ESI; and to establish general procedures and guidelines for the resolution of any disputes concerning ESI. This Rule is to be read in conjunction with, and is subject to, Civ.R. 26(A) and (B)(4) and Civ.R. 34. (B) General Principles Governing ESI

meet with officials of Provident Fund and ESIC to create awareness of various schemes launched and changes made in the Acts to provide relief to the employers and employees / workers affected by Covid-19. Interactive Meet on Covid-19 Relief Schemes and Changes in PF and ESIC Rules Mr T. Renuka Prasad Regional Director ESIC, Hyderabad Mr K K B Yada c. Format. ESI and non-ESI shall be produced to the requesting party as text searchable image files (e.g., PDF or TIFF). When a text-searchable image file is produced, the producing party must preserve the integrity of the underlying ESI, i.e., the CHECKLIST FOR RULE 26(f) MEET AND CONFER REGARDING ELECTRONICALLY STORED INFORMATION In cases involving the discovery of electronically stored information (ESI), the Court encourages the parties to engage in on-going meet and confer discussions and to use the following Checklist to facilitate ESI discussions

The requests contained competing, internal instructions as to the format of ESI requested: Certain requests specified that the ESI was to be produced in the form in which it was maintained in the usual course of business or activity, while other requests noted that pursuant to Rule 34, all documents [were to] be produced in Adobe (PDF. either the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or the Local Rules of the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, the Federal and Local Rules shall control. Counsel should be familiar with these Guidelines and the attached Meet-and-Confer Checklist for the Rule 26(f) Meet-and-Confer process regarding ESI begun integrating the ESI Protocol into their courtroom practices.11 The ESI Protocol draws on many sources, including case law, lo-cal rules, and seasoned defense and prosecution practitioners' experi-ence. Its goal is to provide courts and litigants with best practices con-sisting of general principles, recommendations, and concrete strategie

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The ESI Act 1948, encompasses certain health related eventualities that the workers are generally exposed to; such as sickness, maternity, temporary or permanent disablement, Occupational disease or death due to employment injury, resulting in loss of wages or earning capacity-total or partial ESI stands for electronically stored information. Electronically stored information is a legal term broadly defined as any data or documents that are created or stored on electronic media. Types of ESI are often used as electronic evidence in litigation. The United States Federal Rules of Civil Procedure govern attorney obligations for. Rule 37(e), which, if adopted would provide a uniform process for the courts to analyze spoliation in the ESI-context and resolve the existing split of authority regarding the culpability required to impose the harshest, case-dispositive sanctions under the current Rules. €I.€€ESI PRESERVATION - LITIGATION HOLD LETTERS AN ESI Checklist for use during the Rule 26(f) meet and confer process Model Stipulated Order Re: the Discovery of Electronically Stored Information Model Stipulated Order Re: Discovery of Electronically Stored Information (Patent Cases) Standing Order for All Judges of the Northern District of Californi

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Under the ESI (Employee State Insurance) Act, 1948, Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) was set up as a corporate body functioning under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.ESI Act was formulated as a scheme to protect the employees during any situation of financial distress which arises out of various reasons such as death due to employment injuries, sickness. 37(e) (Amended Rule 37(e) or the Rule) has provided a uniform approach to addressing spoliation of electronically stored information (ESI) which should have been preserved.2 Only upon a showing of an intent to deprive another party of the use of ESI in the litigation ar PF / ESIC rate of deduction for both Employee & Employer contribution. The Provident Fund (PF) contribution is 12% of PF Wages from both employee and employer. For the calculation, the maximum limit of Basic is Rs 6500/-. It means even if the employee's PF Wages is above Rs 6500/-, the employer is liable to contribute only on Rs 6500/-, that.

Checklist for Rule 26(f) Conference . Regarding Electronically Stored Information (ESI) In connection with the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(f) conference and in preparing the Local Rule 16.1(b)(2) conference report, the Court encourages the use of the following checklist 1,658 (66% of accepted cases) diverted. 1,376 into ESI community-based services; 282 into existing Judicially-Supervised Diversionary Programming 89.1% of ESI diversions were successfully completed 89.4% of ESI dispositions had 2 or fewer appearances before a judge ESI Sites as compared to non-ESI sites Disclaimer: Updating and uploading of all Central Acts available on this web page is the proprietary of the Legislative Department in the Ministry of Law and Justice. The updating and uploading of Rules, Regulations, Notifications, etc., and linking them with relevant sections of the respective Principal Act under which the said subordinate legislations have been made is the proprietary of the. Tax incentives for early stage investors. From 1 July 2016, if you invest in a qualifying early stage innovation company (ESIC), you may be eligible for the tax incentives for early stage investors (sometimes referred to as 'angel investors') contained in Division 360 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.. The tax incentives provide eligible investors who purchase new shares in an ESIC with a MS-Word PDF Note: On November 1, 2017, the revised Uniform Patent Case Management Plan linked above became effective. (A redline version of the changes made is also linked above for reference.) ESI Supplement to Report of the Parties' Planning Meeting MS-Word PDF

A PDF format of the form is available on the website. Fill in the form and submit it to ESIC for registration on the official website. Once verified, a registration number, a digit unique identity will be provided to the organization. The ESI filings can be done once you receive the digit number The new Rule 26.2 also specifies time limits for parties to complete discovery (120, 180 and 240 days for tiers 1, 2, and 3). Client: I'm beginning to get the picture: new rules to keep cases moving and keep dis-covery costs proportional. I get it. But what happens if I disagree with the opposing party Arizona's New Civil Rules

Unless otherwise indicated, all references to rules in this opinion will be to the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of California. 2/ Electronic Stored Information (ESI) is information that is stored in technology having electrical, digital, magnetic, wireless, optical, electromagnetic, or similar capabilities Local Rules of United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York Effective: October 29th, 2018 To view the Local Rules in PDF format, you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you are unable to view the Local Rules, try the suggested Web Links, Tips & Resources

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problems in the discovery of ESI and possible resolutions to those problems, and by intervening before misunderstandings and dis-putes lead to significant delay and costs. Case law addressing con-ventional discovery and ESI-related discovery, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, local rules,1 the Manual for Complex Litigation, 1 2 Factsheet Ethibel® Sustainability Excellence Global Family Index names Ethibel® Sustainability Index Excellence Global Index type Price; Net return and Gross return indices Index governance structure The ESI Committee is the Supervisor and responsible for setting the rules and the periodical selection. Euronext acts as the Compiler and is responsible for the day-to-day management o to the ESI collected by E-Discovery tools in the course of processing a response to a FOIA request using automated collection tools; the official file copy of EPA's response to a FOIA request is subject to a separate retention schedule and storage requirements pursuant to Rule 502(d) or (e) of the Federal Rules of Evidence. (b) Disputes regarding ESI that counsel for the parties are unable to resolve shall be presented to the Court at the initial status conference, Fed. R. Civ. P. 16(b) Scheduling Conference, or as soon as possible thereafter Rule 37(e) applies only to electronically stored information (ESI). It does not apply to tangible evidence. This distinction is critical. To the extent the rule changes Circuits), different rules will apply to spoliation of electronic, as opposed to tangible, evidence. This has sometimes outcome-determinative impact. Intent Requirement

20 v Understanding the New E-Discovery Rules Identifying the particular boundaries of a litigant's duty to preserve involves two related inquiries: when does the duty to preserve attach, and what evidence must be preserved?11 When Does the Duty to Preserve ESI Begin? The duty to preserve ESI is triggered when a part rules. Compared to the 0% rule, trustees who received half or less of the investor's endowment had even lower return rates under 10% and 20% rule conditions. Trustees returned amounts close to the mandated minimum (10% median amount returned with the 10% rule, 24% with the 20% rule, and 30% with the 30% rule), as if believing th reliable, valid, five-level scale such as the Emergency Severity Index (ESI)2,5 or the Canadian Emergency Department Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS).6 The process of triage is best carried out by registered nurses and nurse practitioners with emergency nursing expertise who have completed a triage-specific educational program

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In addition, there are 10 general rules to keep in mind when predicting the most likely ions to be formed for a given molecule. Fragmentation Guidelines 1. The relative height of the M + peak is greatest for straight-chain molecules and decreases as the branching increases. 2 spoliation of documents and ESI should be treated by the same principles, following the structure of Rule 34, which makes that distinction.26 In Zbylaski v. Douglas County School District,27 for example, the court cited the Committee Note to Rule 37(e) to help determine trigger in a case involving hard copy documents. (2) Predicate Condition Many of the Commercial Division courts have adopted local rules relating to ESI as have a number of individual justices. The rules for the Commercial Division (Uniform Rules § 202.70[g]), have a number of provisions governing ESI issues: Rule 1 requires that 2 Tener v Cremer, 89 AD3d 75, 79 (1st Dept 2011) (ESI is difficult to destroy.

ESI Scheme has been implemented in India on 24.2.1952 in two centres in our country namely Delhi and Kanpur. In Tamil Nadu ESI Scheme has been implemented on 23.1.1995 in 5 centres (Ondipudur, Singanallur, Sowripalayam, Upplipalayam, Vellalore) in Coimbatore and then in Chennai o Dealing with electronically stored information (ESI), for clients, prosecutors and defense attorneys, has steadily grown into a tsunami of cost and complexity - with little guidance provided by courts and none from the rules. Moreover, the paradigms developed in civil litigation to curb ESI discovery abuses are often not effective in the. opponent stores it, so as to be prepared to discuss that ESI in the Rule 26(f) conference. Counsel may also consider sending the opposing party a notice in advance of the conference (or delivering an early Rule 34 Request for Production, see Section I.E below), identifying the types and sources of relevant information and data believed to be in th

Rule 26(b)(2)(B) also places the burden on the requesting party to demonstrate good cause before an inaccessible data source must be searched. Thus, under the federal framework, a requesting party is encouraged to review and evaluate ESI produced from accessible sources before demanding ESI from inaccessibl WAGES FOR ESI CONTRIBUTIONS TO BE DEEMED AS WAGES •Basic pay •Dearness allowance •House rent allowance •City compensatory allowance •Overtime wages (but not to be taken into account for determining the coverage of an employee) •Payment for day of rest •Production incentive •Bonus other than statutory bonus •Nightshift allowance • Payment for un-substituted holiday

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production is missing relevant ESI or contains substantial amounts of irrelevant ESI. VI. Phasing ☐ Whether it is appropriate to conduct discovery of ESI in phases. ☐ Sources of ESI most likely to contain discoverable information and that will be included in the first phases of document discovery under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34 CHECKLIST FOR RULE 26(f) MEET AND CONFER REGARDING ELECTRONICALLY STORED INFORMATION In cases where the discovery of electronically stored information (ESI) is likely to be a significant cost or burden, the Court encourages the parties to engage in on-going meet and confer discussions and use the following Checklist to guide those. Dealing with electronically stored information (ESI), for clients, prosecutors and defense attorneys, has steadily grown into a tsunami of cost and complexity - with little guidance provided by courts and none from the rules. Moreover, the paradigms developed in civi Reorganization of Generator Rules Provision Previous Citation New Citation Generator Category Determination § 261.5(c) (e) § 262.13 CESQG (VSQG) Provisions § 261.5(a), (b), (f) (g) § 262.1 The Rule does not state electronically stored information shall be identified with the specific request number to which the ESI responds. Moreover, 2031.280(d)(1) still includes the requirement that if no form of production is stated in a request, then the producing party must produced the ESI in the form it is ordinarily maintained or in a.

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The ESI Scheme is an integrated measure of Social Insurance come to the life through the Employees' State Insurance Act - 1948, and is designed to complete the task of protecting Employees as defined in the ESI Act - 1948, against the hazards of Sickness, Maternity, Disablement or Death due to Employment injury and to provide full. Experimental Rule 8.1. Assignment and Management of Commercial Cases [Clean version] Whether the parties expect ESI to be an issue in the case and, if so, whether they have reached an agreement regarding the discovery of ESI, have filed a stipulated order Why this ESIC Act, 1948 came into force: This Act is designed to complete the task of protecting Employees as defined in the ESI Act - 1948, against the hazards of Sickness, Maternity, Disablement or Death due to Employment injury and to provide full Medical care to insured persons and their families

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to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure, which became effective on March 1, 2019. This is the first comprehensive review of our civil procedure rules since 2005. Every rule was modified in some way, although many amendments were not intended to make substantive changes. Most of our discovery rules were substantially revised during this process, an documents and ESI which are relevant to the facts and circumstances likely to be at issue in the future litigation. The type of evidence which will be deemed relevant will, of course, depend on the specific facts. Rule 401 of the Federal Rules of Evidence defines relevance as evidenc

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ESIC & PF. 1. Employee State Insurance & Provident Fund Prateek Aloni. 2. Employee State Insurance Scheme • Self financing , social security and health insurance scheme for Indian Workers. • Managed by ESI Corporation. • Started in India in 1948 for factory workers. • Today it provides security to all employees from all the Industries Welcome. Welcome to the Enterprise Skills Initiative . Microsoft and your organization are working together to help you learn the skills you need to be successful with Azure and other Microsoft technologies. Sharpen your technical skills and knowledge of Microsoft solutions by enrolling in interactive courses and training designed for your role. Employee state insurance scheme (ESI) is one of the most useful schemes for the employees in India whose monthly gross salary is less than 21000 Rs.Under the ESI scheme, both employee and family members of employees will get treatment in ESIC hospitals, not only treatment this scheme provides so many other benefits to the members and their family members IP Portal Video On IP Portal This Video explains how to see your own records on ESI Portal. Check eligibility and other options. It is a online portal given by the ESI department to the beneficiaries, where they can see their own information submitted by the employer to the ESI Corporation. The link is.