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A Cockapoo is a mixed breed dog with one Cocker Spaniel parent and one Poodle parent.. Their size will depend on whether the spaniel parent is an American or an English Cocker.And on whether the Poodle parent is a Standard, Mini, or Toy Poodle.. But regardless of size the Cockapoo is a generally friendly and active companion, suited to a variety of different households A male dog that is too young will not be able to reproduce. A male dog usually reaches sexual maturity when they are over a year old, however they usually begin puberty when they are six months to eight months old. They can impregnate a female dog from the point of puberty on Age: 0 years, 11 months, 7 days Gender: Bitch (Female) Pedigree: No Looking for a female to breed with my male before he gets fixed. He is a Cockapoo around 15 pounds. Black curly hair cockapoo male wanting to find a female cockapoo and make puppies. I just want pick of the litter a male if possible

Male dogs are sexually active year-round and can be capable of siring puppies when they're as young as 5 months, but they are most fertile after 12-to-15 months of age, once they are fully.. As previously mentioned breeding dogs if done right is costly. A dog brings so much to an owner in the form of companionship and love. If you think for example you paid £850 for your cockapoo and it lives for 15 years that' s only £70.83 a year. Do you really need to breed her to recoup that initial cost

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6 - 12 MONTHS Behaviour can be 'trying' at times, and that can be putting it mildly!. Reaches sexual maturity, males start cocking their leg to wee. May start reacting to things strange to them - growling and barking at things for exampl The Toy Cockapoo can reach 10 inches in height but has a sturdier build, the bigger ones tipping the scales at just under 12 pounds. The Miniature Cockapoo weighs 13 to 18 pounds and ranges.

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As with many dog breeds, however, they can develop luxating patella, a problem of the knee joint. In addition, the Cockapoo is prone to several eye disorders, including progressive retinal atrophy. The breed is a long lived one, with typical life spans of 15 to 18 years. Primary Health Conditions of the Cockapoo Cockapoo Temperament, Lifespan, Grooming, Training, Personality, Behaviour and Health Advice. The Cockapoo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. As it can be bred from a wide variety of parents, its appearance and size can vary greatly, as can its character traits A cockapoo needs to be groomed at least once every 2-3 months, which means that the cost of grooming a cockapoo totals around £140 each year or £2100 over their lifetime. Now, I don't consider this to be a huge expense, but it does all add up when you take into account things like paying for dog food, pet insurance and the rest of the.

The Standard Cockapoo size, sometimes referred to as the Maxi Cockapoo, is the largest variety of this breed. It's a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel parent usually weighs in between 15-30 pounds (7-13.5 kg) while standing 14-15 inches (35-38 cm) tall In Europe and the UK, there is a different view. Most vets recommend 6-9mths, but there are some viewpoints that say wait till 10-24mths for males and that females should be allowed to have at least two seasons. Neutering and spaying removes hormones from the body which have an important role to play in the dogs development Cockapoo Breed Info & Background. Cockapoo's are a hybrid dog breed resulting from a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. Although the Cockapoo breed is not recognized by the AKC, they have become a very popular dog in a relatively short period of time. While the precise origins of the Cockapoo breed are unknown, they have become increasingly common since the 1960's

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Smaller breeds tend to sexually mature earlier and can be bred at 6 months. Whereas, larger breeds should wait until 18 months. Male dogs can begin breeding between 6 to 12 months of age. Female dogs should be bred later than males, at least after their first heat cycle.Dec 4, 201 Many enthusiasts report that by the age of six months, Cockapoos can sit, stand, stay, come, heel and sit up on command! This is a bright mixed breed. While training your Cockapoo will be a breeze, it's still important to lean into positive reinforcement, encouragement, and treat rewards when training your pup Cockapoo Temperament. At a baseline, the Cockapoo breed is an excellent show of personality, affection, playfulness, and adaptability, among other traits.. These particular dogs are renowned for being great family dogs, behaving well among children, extended family, visitors, and the whole family environment itself. Their adaptability is also quite remarkable, as they really can thrive in many. N/A. Color. N/A. Greetins good people, my name is Rocky and I'm the most playful male Cockapoo puppy ever. I can not wait to meet you, let me tell you a little more about. View Details. $900

Breed basic characteristics. Cute cockapoo photo @Breeders Online. Country of Origin: United States. Dog Breed Group: Hybrid Dogs. Size: The Cockapoo typically weighs between 12 to 24 lbs, right about average for a dog's weight. It's typically 10 to 15 in height. Life Span: 12 to 15 years. Trainability: Easy to Train Kings Lynn, Norfolk. **Proven Stud** Meet Max, our family dog, available at stud. He's a deep red F1b cockapoo and has a lovely nature, really friendly and great with other dogs. Max has an amazing temperament, he is calm and very loving, he is playful and has lots of energy, loving nothing more than a long That puts the Cockapoo somewhere between 10 and 15 inches, on average, with a weight range between 10 and 40 pounds. Because the Cockapoo is a mixed breed, it is difficult to make predictions about things like size, build, and activity level. For the most part, however, the Cockapoo is a moderately energetic breed of small to medium size A Cockapoo is a mix between the beautifully charismatic Cocker Spaniel and the incredibly intelligent Poodle, resulting in the perfect hybrid of dog. The Cockapoo will melt your heart the first time you lay eyes on it. It comes in 4 different sizes but each one is a sweet, tender, and loyal as it can be. Your Cockapoo will be your best friend.

Breed. Cock-A-Poo. Gender. Male. Age. 16 Weeks Old. Color/ Markings: caramel. Size at Maturity: Small. Availability Date: 06/01/2021. Shipping Area: Pick Up Only. Payment Method: Cash. Description. Cock-A-Poo Puppy For Sale in CLARKRANGE, TN, USA. Twix is a fluffy F1 mini Cockapoo puppy. He is a sweet, gentle puppy. He should mature around 10. Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes The average life span of a cockapoo (also known as a cockerpoo, cockadoodle or spoodle) is typically 12 to 15 years. However, the American Cockapoo Club more generously estimates the breed's life expectancy at 14 to 18 years This is a larger breed that can stand anywhere from 11 inches in height to 14 inches. They can also weigh around 13 to 18 pounds. The Miniature Cockapoo is still a good choice for apartment dwellers if they don't mind having a slightly larger dog in their residence A mini cockapoo will weigh 5 pounds at 2 months growing to about 8 pounds by the time that he is 4 months old. This is only if your puppy is following a growth curve, however, as the dogs can really fluctuate in size. On average, reaching a final weight between 13 and 18 pounds at around 9 months of age, depending on your specific dog and his.

Depending on whether they are male or female, Cockapoos can grow between 9.8 to 15 inches in height or 24 to 38 centimeters. Don't let the height fool you, Cockapoos can grow as heavy as 24 lbs. Another advantage of raising a Cockapoo is its lifespan Miniature Cockapoos stand between 11-14 inches and fall in a range of 13-18 lbs. Toy Cockapoos still have a sturdy build and are 9- 10 inches and weigh up to 12 lbs. Teacup Cockapoos are less than 10 inches and average less than 6 lbs. Size has always been a big factor in a person's choice of a dog. The Cockapoo offers a lot choice for a. Scent marking in this way serves as an indicator to other male dogs that your dog is around, and to female dogs that they are looking for a mate. However, even neutered male dogs commonly lift their legs to pee as well, and will often do this multiple times when out on walks in order to cover as much ground as possible The estrous cycle can be divided into 4 stages: 1. Proestrus: This stage begins with the appearance of vaginal bleeding. It normally lasts from 4 to 9 days. Male dogs become very interested in the female; however, she will not yet mate with them. 2. Estrus: This is the stage in which the female will accept the male and conception can occur

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For a Doodle breed, they're quite the charm and adorable in many ways. While the Cockapoo is generally small in size, they have an enormous personality. People describe them as a clown with a big heart. This Doodle breed originated in the 1960s and has been increasing in popularity within the last several decades UNDERSTANDING THE COCKAPOO TEMPERAMENT. Cockapoos have quite a unique canine temperament, as any owner will tell you! This hybrid mix of poodle and spaniel has a quirky personality and manner of thinking that is important to understand if you are going to get on well with your pet. Individual dogs, like people, have their own quirks The Maxi Cockapoo hybrid breed's height is around 10 inches and weighs weigh over 19 pounds. Training. The Cockapoo is a very intelligent dog that can literally grasp any information. This dog will easily pass a course of general training, and with proper care, this breed can become a perfect pet Sex : Male / Age : 10 Weeks. Size: Standard / Breed: Cockapoo At Adorable Cockapoos we feel it is important for you as a potential client to meet us if you can and our incredible Cockapoo Puppies. It is just as important that we get to know you. After all, you are potentially going to become a member of our family A Toy Cockapoo will weigh a bit under 12 pounds, and stand no more than 10 inches. There are other mixes, like the Miniature Cockapoo (Miniature Poodle bred to Cocker Spaniel) and the Maxi (or Standard) Cockapoo which is a Cocker Spaniel/Standard Poodle cross. The Mini can weigh up to 18 pounds and stand up to 18 inches

Cockapoo puppies can be any color that you'd see in a poodle or cocker spaniel, including black, white, red, brown, sable, tan, blonde or a combination of colors and patterns. Personality: Cockapoos are bred more for temperament than for appearance, and they tend to inherit the sweet, loving and friendly natures common with both parent breeds You can expect to pay about $1,100 to $2,000 for a Cockapoo puppy. American Cockapoo Club - You can find breeders by region who may have Cockapoos puppies for sale. Breeders - This site lists breeders that you can contact about purchasing a Cockapoo puppy *Breed: Cockapoo* *Sex : Male* *Shipping: Available* *Age : 11 Weeks* *Price : $850* Cosmos has a sweet and playful disposition. he has impeccable manners. He is fully potty trained even rings a bell to signal when he needs to go out. He is quiet and comfortable in her crate. He is polite when meeting new people Later generations bring the full range of coat types  F2 Cockapoo's are the crossing of any generation Cockapoo with an F1 Cockapoo (which is the original cross of English Show, English Working or American Cocker Spaniel with either Toy or Miniature Poodle) as the classification only allows a jump of one denominator from the lowest generation i.e. F1 x F1 = F2 but also F1 x F2, F3, F4. Castrating a male dog lowers their testosterone levels. Testosterone is responsible for a lot of less desirable male habits such as territory marking, the drive to find a mate, being over territorial, and aggressive to other dogs. Thus, desexing can help to make dogs with these unwanted behaviours into better pets

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Owners need to be aware that they are high energy dogs and very intelligent so do need to be mentally stimulated and well exercised but if you can fulfill their needs they are a fantastic breed. They also need regular daily grooming and clipping regularly approx. every 7 to 10 weeks depending on your preference of coat length and is a cost to. Crate training at a young age will also help your Cockapoo accept confinement if he ever needs to be boarded or hospitalized. Because the Cockapoo is a mixed breed between two very distinctly coated dogs, its coat can range wildly. This means you can find a pup of almost any hair type, from small curls to straight hair Average $1000 - $2000. Generally, you can expect to spend between $800 to $2500 on a Cockapoo. The price range of this puppy depends upon numerous factors. You will pay less if you want to get a puppy from a rescue firm. But, if you buy a Cockapoo puppy from a decent breed, you will pay between $1,500 to $3,000 based on the breeder's reputation

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  1. It is impossible to make 100% accurate statements when it comes to questions like this. Mixed breed dogs in general are usually genetically hardier than purebred dogs. Statistically, according to vets, dachshunds and cocker spaniels are the 2 bree..
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Our Mission. Set out to beat the big box prices and committed to breeding beautiful, healthy Cockapoo puppies to be enjoyed by everyone in your family for years to come. At Cockapoo District, our puppies are part of our family and way of life. It is in this light that we care for our puppies as our family members. Cockapoo District 2021 Review how much Cockapoo puppies for sale sell for below. The current median price for all Cockapoos sold is $1,025.00. This is the price you can expect to budget for a Cockapoo with papers but without breeding rights nor show quality. Expect to pay less for a puppy without papers, however, we do not recommend buying a puppy without papers In general, female dogs reach puberty or sexual maturity around the age of six months. However, this can vary a lot, depending on the breed and dog. Some dogs, usually the smaller breeds, can have their first heat cycle as early as four months of age. On the other hand, large and giant breeds can take up to two years before they reach sexual. Cockapoo. The Cockapoo is a mixed breed, achieved by crossing a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle. This breed is one of the older designer breeds, dating back to the 1960s. Cockapoos are completely people-oriented, compassionate, intelligent and make excellent pets for families with children. These adorable dogs tend to be small in size, but. Find Male Cockapoos for Sale in Cleveland on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood

Breed: Cockapoo. Gender: male. Age: 11 weeks 5 days. Color: Black / White. Puppy ID:TPS-H9793. Type: Designer Grooming: Low-Medium Maintenance Average Height: 10-15 inches at the shoulder Average Weight: 6-19 lbs Lifespan: 12-15 year Overview. 'Neutering' is an operation to remove the testicles or ovaries from a dog. Castration = removing the testicles. Speying = removing the ovaries (and usually womb). Most dogs can be neutered from 6 months old. Neutering is a routine procedure, performed by most vets on a daily basis. There are very many benefits and few. 6. Toy Cockapoo Lifespan. Smaller dogs have a longer lifespan on average than larger dogs. A Toy Cockapoo can live up to 17 years. There is a lot of evidence that small dogs live longer without definite answers as to why? What is known though is that large dogs age faster and the inherent accelerated cell growth rate leads to genetic problems like cancer A cross breed of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, the Cockapoo is recognized as the very first designer dog breed.They are small in size, affectionate, energetic and very intelligent. While the exact origins of the Cockapoo breed are unknown, they have become increasingly popular since the 1960's Cockapoo · Fort Valley, GA. Ready now. Had three sets shots5worming 1st gen , been raising lovely pups 30 plus years visit my website www.jerriespetpla more. Tools. Over 4 weeks ago on Americanlisted. Cockapoo Puppy for Sale - Adoption, Rescue. Cockapoo · Fort Valley, GA. Ready now for his new home had 3 sets shots 5 worming first gen Can.

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  1. Our Cute Puppies of Cute Cockapoo Pups is an active and intelligent dog breed which is Cute. Easy to train and eager to learn, cockapoos are great with children and other pets, and you can find them in four different coat colors and markings in are Cute
  2. Vet Inspection. 4/6/2021. A cross breed of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, the Cockapoo is recognized as the very first designer dog breed. They are small in size, affectionate, energetic and very intelligent. While the exact origins of the Cockapoo breed are unknown, they have become increasingly popular since the 1960's
  3. The Cockapoo is a mixed breed, achieved by crossing a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle. This breed is one of the older designer breeds, dating back to the 1960s. Cockapoos are completely people-oriented, compassionate, intelligent and make excellent pets for families with children
  4. The current median price of Cockapoos in Lakeland is $1,245.00. This is the price you can expect to pay for the Cockapoo breed without breeding rights. If you require a pup with breeding rights or for show quality with a top pedigree then expect to pay from $3,800 upwards to $6,000 or even more

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  1. This breed inherits the best of its parents traits, and they make wonderful family pets. The Cavapoo is highly adaptable, meaning it can live in apartments or average-sized homes with yards. However, the Cavapoo does best in a pack setting, meaning that it prefers to be a part of a family that will give it plenty of attention
  2. Breed. Cockapoo. Sex. Female(2) Kittens tend to heal quicker since they put less stress on their feet. Kittens can be declawed as your as six weeks of age. Declawed kittens must remain indoors. Displaying 1 thru 2 of 2 . Cockapoo Pupies. Cockapoo Female,Male For Sale $1 Dunnellon,FL. Get More Details. Puppies. Cockapoo Female For Sale.
  3. Cockapoo puppies for sale and dogs for adoption. Find the perfect Cockapoo puppy for sale at PuppyFind.com
  4. N/A. Hello Darlings, so nice of you to drop by! My name is Bruno and I'm the most playful male Cocker Spaniel puppy ever. I was born March 20th, 2021. I am. View Details. $1,800

The cost of castration or spaying a dog can vary a lot depending on the type of dog you have so it's best to check with your vet. Prices vary around the country, but spays range from around £130 to £365 and castrations from around £110 to £300. Bitch spays usually cost more than dog castration because it involves surgery to internal. The Cockapoo is one of the most popular designer mixed dog breeds, consisting of a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle. The Cocker Spaniel in the mix can be either an English Cocker Spaniel or an American Cocker Spaniel. Both mixes are recognized by the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) Cockapoos can vary in temperament and in need for exercise. In order to promote the crossbreed in the United States a dedicated club has been formed, the Cockapoo Club of America. In 2021, Cockapoos were one of the most expensive dog varieties in the United Kingdom, costing an average of £2,471 We have 7 beautiful shar poo puppies both male and female available. The puppies mum is a cockapoo and dad is a shar Pei. these cute puppies come micro chipped, with a puppy pack and 4 weeks free insurance. the puppies will be ready to leave mummy and daddy on the 16th August. Puppies can be seen with parents as these are our family pets

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Hi there, we have a 2 and a half year old cockapoo bitch called honey. she is coming up to her 4th season and we have decided to let her have a litter of pups. we have never breed a dog before so are new to the whole thing. we have made contact with a couple of local stud owners who have been very helpful with anwsering some questions we have. but we seem to be getting some conflicting. On average, a male dog becomes fertile between 6 and 12 months. Smaller dog breeds tend to mature later than larger dog breeds. Dogs reach sexual maturity before becoming fully grown. That is why the age to cross of a male dog can be delayed for up to 12 or even 24 months. A male dog is fertile from the beginning of sperm production, and. The average time to housetrain a Cockapoo is by four months of age. It can take up to six months for some dogs. The age of your Cockapoo is another factor affecting the amount of time it takes to housetrain it. If you wait until your puppy is a few months old enough to housetrain it, it will likely take longer to accomplish the goal All of our Cockapoo puppies are priced at $2,650 regardless of age, color, gender or size. Availability: We do not have any Cockapoo puppies ready for new homes at this time and we're not currently accepting Deposits on Cooper & Bailey's puppies which will be eight weeks of age and ready to go to new homes the weekend of August 7th & 8th Looking to adopt a male cockapoo puppy under 1 year old for companionship and will give loads of spoiling, love, kisses and a good home in the chicagoland area. Just lost my son of 16 years, male cocker spaniel, the love of my life due to old age. Please contact me: s.suffern@hotmail.co

While small sized male dogs can be used as studs from the age of 12 until 18 months old, medium size dogs take 15 to 18 months in order to reach the same level of maturity. If you own a large sized dog , you can expect him to be a mature stud not before the age of 18-24 months Cocker Spaniel - weighs 24 to 28 pounds on average and 15 tall. Teacup Toy Cockapoo - weighs about 6 pounds on average. Miniature Poodle - this is the mid-sized Poodle which ends up being about the size of a Cocker Spaniel. Standard Poodle - this will give the size of a Labrador or often taller. They weigh 45-70 pounds It's vitally important to never breed a merle to a merle, because of it being a recessive trait. Because you never should breed a merle to a merle (wanting to be sure you don't produce cockapoo pups who are deaf or blind), it's rare to get a litter with more than 25% merles, even if one of the parents is a merle Our family cockapoo is a magical princess creature that brings happiness wherever she goes. But, putting my own bias aside (sort of), here are the 19 reasons cockapoos are the best dog breed in.

Dog Time describes neutering as a procedure that eliminates the capability of the male dog to breed or procreate.. It is a surgical procedure that can only be performed by a veterinarian in a fully-equipped clinic. After administering anesthesia to numb the dog, the veterinarian will work to remove the testicles Breed: Cockapoo Sex: male Age: 12weeks Shots: Up-To-Date On All Shots Status: AVAILABLE. Buy Now. Buy Cockapoo Puppies in our store anytime. Although these are all the puppies available in our store right now, you still have the opportunity to buy from us. What you need to do if you do not find your specifications is to fill up our Contact Form.

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  2. 4 months to 6 months: At six months, our cockapoo weighed 5.6 kgs. This is an amazing weight gain of around 86%. If you want to get a rough idea of what your own cockapoo's weight should be, then simply multiply its known weight at 4 months by 1.86
  3. e the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred
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This is a low-shedding breed, so if you brush the coat of your pet Cockapoo regularly, you won't see any hair around the house. This makes this breed the perfect pick for people with allergies, Cockapoo is considered a hypoallergenic breed! If your Cockapoo has a curly coat it will definitely need to visit the groomer every 4 to 6 weeks The cockapoo also has a puppy coat that has to fall through once they grow older. Knowing just how much your Cockapoo might shed depends primarily on their genetics. There are also other methods that you can utilize to reduce the amount of hair in your home. Read on to find out how you can control your Cockapoo's shedding

55+ Adorable Cockapoo Dog Names. Some of the names below are part of a list of popular male dog names, but also recommended monikers that fit the overall look and behavior of the Cockapoo. This can be applied to any breed that is sweet and shy. Duke; Short and sweet. Just like your Cockapoo Dog Puberty. Dog puberty usually occurs when your pup is between 7 months and 2 years old and as with humans, it can bring a whole load of behavioural and physical changes. Find out everything you need to know about the signs of puberty in puppies and what you can expect in this handy guide. There is one thing that all puppy owners can rely on. With a male and a female, the male can continue being the alpha, and the female can be the top female in the pack. If both dogs have been neutered, there's an even higher chance the two dogs will get along well. A male and female dog can live in harmony because they don't have to compete over a position at the top of the totem pole The Cockapoo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They combine the lovable traits of shiny haired cockers and the lovable companion breed Miniature Poodles. The result is a loving ball of fur that is great with kids

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There are breeders or puppy brokers selling any little mixed breed as a Cockapoo because they know that they are so popular and hard to find. So be sure that you get what you are paying for. The more the breeder does, the better the warrantee and health and temperaments checks may be. For example, you can get a bargain pup from an ad in. Poodles tend to live between 12 and 18 years. 15 or 16 years of age being a pretty accurate average. Cocker Spaniels normally live between 10 and 14 years. Considering their breed parent's lifespans, the average Mini Cockapoo can expect to live for anywhere between 12 and 16 years years of age Wolfies Legacy. For further details about adopting one of the dogs from Wolfies Legacy, please contact Gillian Daghistani by email: wolfieslegacy@outlook.com or telephone: 07886675411. Please note, Wolfies Legacy specialises in helping dogs who have been abused or are disabled. All dogs rehomed from this rescue are microchipped, vaccinated and.

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The Spoodle, also known as the Cockapoo, is a dog that is the result of cross breeding the Cocker Spaniel breeds with the Poodle.This dog comes in four sizes: the teacup toy (weighing 2 kg and reaching 25 cm), the toy Spoodle (weighing 5 kg and reaching 25 cm), the miniature Spoodle (weighing 7 kg and reaching 35 cm), and the standard Spoodle (weighing 9 kg and reaching 40 cm) The Cockapoo is not meant to be left alone as they cannot tolerate aloofness. The Cockapoos are not hypoallergenic dogs. The Cockapoo puppy is little costlier and may cost about $900 to $1100 USD on an average. Cockapoo Appearance. As Cockapoo is a designer mix breed the appearance of Cockapoo has a mixed look The Cockapoo can vary in size depending on the size of its parents (Toy or Miniature Poodle; American or English Cocker Spaniel), but adult Cockapoos are between about 12 and 30 pounds. This makes them a small-medium sized dog sex: male age : 11 weeks old akc registered : yes pet breed : cockapoo potty pad trained: yes vaccinated : up to date. reserve. price: $650 . name : frisky (available) sex: male age : 10 weeks old akc registered : yes pet breed : cockapoo potty pad trained: yes vaccinated : up to date. reserve Age: Even entire female can develop incontinence, with the risk going up with greater age. Let's be clear about the message. Neutering a female dog is still a good idea, however there no such thing as a one-size-fits-all to the best age to spay a female dog. Instead, be knowledgeable and have an informed discussion with your vet

People and poodles have a long shared history. Dogs resembling poodles can be seen on walls and artifacts in Egypt dated hundreds of years B.C. The identifiable modern breed of poodle has its roots in Germany around the year 1400 A.D Breed Group: Mixes and More Height: Up to 14 inches Weight: 5 to 15 pounds Life Span: 10 to 15 years This cute little dog is a cross of a Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Clever, playful, and affectionate, Maltipoos retain their puppy-like looks and behavior well into their teen years There is no breed standard for the cavachon's temperament or appearance, but both the Cavalier and the bichon share a happy and affectionate personality passed down to their cavachon offspring. Puppies may take after one parent breed more than the other, and wide variation can occur even within the same litter Cockapoo puppies for sale and dogs for adoption. Find the perfect Cockapoo puppy for sale at PuppyFind.com A degenerative heart condition, although any breed can suffer this condition it is extremely common in King Charles Spaniels. In fact, it is the main cause of death for this breed affecting over 50% of dogs by the age of 5 and 100% by the time they reach 10 years old