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While the Dutch royal family has a crown — and women are often spotted wearing tiaras — the monarch is not actually crowned when ascending the throne. Instead, they have a swearing-in ceremony in which the crown, and other regalia, simply sit atop a table Mabel's tiara is actually a completely separate piece of jewelry. Made by Mellerio, it was purchased by the Dutch royal family in April 1888, during the reign of King Willem III. The tiara was originally a necklace, and it was set with both brown and white diamonds We at The Royal Look For Less think it's perfectly acceptable to wear a tiara everyday, in fact we encourage it. Who couldn't use a little sparkle in their day? Shop the most sparkliest (is that even a word?) tiaras from anywhere across the pond Made in 1932, The Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau Tiara has often been seen with a sapphire in the centre stone, but Meghan Markle opted for a diamond on her Royal Wedding day, which was lent to her by the Queen. The tiara is formed as a flexible band of 11 sections, pierced with interlaced ovals and pavé set with large and small brilliant diamonds It is no secret to anyone that the Dutch royalty holds a great wealth, that is shown in all the garments they wear daily. Taking that into account, today we want to talk to you about the jewels of the Netherlands Royal House and all their elegance and glamor.. The representatives of the Dutch crown tend to wear stunning pieces of jewelry, some with several centuries of history that probably.

Royal Crown Jewels. HRH Princess Christina of the Netherlands wearing the Laurel wreath tiara. Saved by Alice Endini. 171. Royal Crown Jewels Royal Crowns Royal Tiaras Royal Jewelry Tiaras And Crowns Diamond Tiara Queen Wilhelmina Royal Brides Laurel Wreath The tiara was made in 1897 by German Jeweller Schurmann in Frankfurt. He used stones belonging to the Royal Family, for instance Queen Emma's diamond parure was broken up to use the large stones (including the Stuart Diamond). Sapphire-Parure the wedding-gift of the people of the Netherlands

The Tiaras Were Out in Full Force at a Formal Banquet Honoring the Dutch Royal Visit the U.K. The Queen and Duchess Kate were joined by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. Sometimes jewellery used by the Dutch royal family are dubbed crown jewels. In the past, the terms House-diamonds, House-jewels (Will of William I in 1841, Art. 12) and family jewels (1784 in the will of William V) have been used. In 1790 the term Bijoux de la Couronne was used by Luise of Brunswick -Wolfenbüttel to refer to a large.

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The Duchess of Cambridge joined the Queen at the Dutch state banquet on Tuesday night, and both royals were dressed in treasured headpieces for the Buckingham Palace occasion Though the Ruby Mellerio Tiara and parure belong to the Dutch Royal Family's jewel foundation, what makes the tiara unique is that, so far, it has only been reserved for Dutch Queens to wear

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Buy Royal T-Shirts, Mugs, Socks, Bags etc for your Loved Ones by clicking on below link. https://teespring.com/stores/royal-mega-storeAlso Subscribe to : 1 M.. Dutch Royal Jewels. April 5, 2020 ·. QUEEN EMMA'S DIAMOND & SAPPHIRE BRACELETS. The diamond and sapphire bracelets were a gift from King Willem III to his second wife, Queen Emma. Supplied by Vita Israels in 1881 together with the Sapphire Tiara that was created - after a design by Oscar Masin from 1867 Dutch Royal Jewels. September 19 ·. This week Queen Maxima was wearing a ring made by court jeweler Steltman, The Hague. This diamond ring is set with an oval-shaped (cushion-cut) padparadsha sapphire, a very rare gemstone whose color ranges from salmon-pink to orange. Aside the main stone, the rose gold ring divides in three rows of small. Dutch Royal Family Queen Máxima Tiara Special Giiiirl. 48 notes. 48 notes Feb 21st, 2021. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; han-shoots-first-nl liked this . royalelamiarazza. Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59

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The Dutch royal family loves to get creative with their jewels, that's a fact. I don't know if it's because they actually have the most flexible royal collection around or just because they happen to use the full range of flexibility that they have, but they mix and match and switch things up like nobody else, and this tiara is the perfect example.Not only has it changed shape over the years. The Dutch royal looked incredible at the state banquet in Berlin. It's been a while since we've seen the royals wearing tiaras, but Queen Maxima of the Netherlands delivered in spectacular style. Dutch Royal Jewels: Queen Wilhelmina's Diamond Haircomb When old jewels that had been accumulating dust in royal vaults see the light of the day, it just warms my heart. And this one had a very long wait: it had been locked away for nearly a century The most expensive tiara in the Dutch royal collection is the Rose Cut Diamond Bandeau Tiara, occasionally worn by Queen Maxima, worth close to $15 million

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According to money.co.uk, who were researching how much it would cost each family to insure their tiaras, it is the British and Dutch royal families who are tied at joint top, with their collections of diadems worth an estimated £17,000,000 each. Princess Beatrice wearing the Queen Mary's diamond fringe tiara. Benjamin Wheeler / PA Images The Stuart tiara is the most impressive of all the Dutch tiaras, dating to 1897. The tiara is named for the 39-carat pear-cut Stuart diamond, which serves as its centrepiece Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. While she wore many other pieces from the massive Dutch Royal Collection, the Star Tiara continued to be a favourite of Crown Princess Máxima in the early years of ehr marriage, worn for the Wedding of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway in 2002 and the Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.She also wore the Diamond Stars at the Wedding of. All of the tiaras already appeared in the story. The tiaras are, from top to bottom right, replicas of the following: 1- The Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara. 2- The Dutch Sapphire Tiara (the 2 versions) 3-The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara. 4- The Mellerio Ruby Tiara. Again this is the collection up until now for I'm always working on more.

The Dutch Star tiara was worn by then-Princess Maxima when she married future King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands in 2002. It comprised the base of another design in the Dutch royal. The centrepiece is the 105 carat Koh-i-Noor which became part of the British crown jewels when Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India in 1887. The Rose Cut Diamond Bandeau via orderofsplendor.blogspot.com. This is a simple design but boy does it pack some punch. It belongs to the Dutch Royal family who are proud tiara wearers

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Wedding of the 4 Children of Princess Irene : Dutch Royal tiaras. 100 years ago today, reigning and exiled Royal Relatives from around Europe joined the Danish Royal Family for the Wedding Ball of Prince René of Bourbon-Parma and Princess Margaret of Denmark at Bernstorff Palace, HERE . While the bride and Queen Alexandrine didn't wear tiaras. The most recent tiara worn by a member of the Dutch royal family is the beautiful Dutch Star tiara, chosen by Queen Máxima at her wedding in 2002. Following behind in second place is Norway, with.

The family foundation that holds the Dutch jewels is relatively new. King William III (reign: 1849-1890) had only one child and heir, Queen Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina also had only one child, Queen Juliana, which meant that the royal collection grew as personal property of the sovereign for decades without being divided up by inheritance EK: Here's the interesting thing about the Dutch royal jewel collection: the biggest, best pieces are held in trust, so most of the grand jewels that Máxima wears aren't owned by her. They're a part of the Orange-Nassau Foundation, which was set up to ensure that the jewel collection remained intact. It's great, because pieces can be worn by many members of the family, so you'll see. Queen Maxima of The Netherlands, also celebrating a state visit from the Chinese, this time in 2014, wears the Antique Pearl Tiara, one of the Dutch royal family's prized tiaras So many to choose. The Dutch Sapphire Tiara has 655 South African diamonds embedded in platinum, with 33 sapphires at the bottom of the diadem. Some of the stones are set on flexible springs, fiving the impression of movement and an increased amount of shine

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Tiara Thursday: The Dutch Ears of Wheat Tiara; Royal State Visit of the Day: June 4; Royal Garden Party of the Day: June 3; Royal State Visit and Tiara Watch of the Week: June 2; Royal Visit Catch Up of the Day: June 1 May (27) April (30) March (30) February (26) January (28 Tiaras at the Wedding Ball of Princess Margaret of Denmark and Prince René of Bourbon-Parma - The Royal Watcher June 8, 2021, 12:46 pm. Bourbon Parme tiaras - Maria Olivia June 9, 2021, 5:12 am. Re: Bourbon Parme tiaras - Stig June 9, 2021, 10:26 am

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge also wore the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara for the Dutch state dinner last October. The design has quickly become one of Kate's go-to tiaras—the Duchess. Wedding tiara of Françoise de Bourbon Parme should be sold in an Action but was not . Wedding tiara of Princess Irene was stolen. They received the money but did not use it for a new tiara. Wedding of the 4 Children of Princess Irene : Dutch Royal tiaras The Swedish Royal Family Wore Dazzling Tiaras to the Nobel Prize Ceremony Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, and Princess Sofia went all-out with stunning jewelry. By. The Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara. Getty Images. The Queen Mother was bequeathed the jewelry collection of the Honorable Mrs. Greville, a friend of the royal family, in 1942—and the Boucheron Tiara. Dutch Royal Jewels. March 27, 2020 · QUEEN WILHELMINA'S FESTOON NECKLACE. Wilhelmina's festoon necklace is a part of the diamond demi-parure which she received from her father, King Willem III, on her 9th (!) birthday in 1889. The set (necklace with festoons and earrings) was made by Vita Israëls for the huge sum of fl. 115.000 (dutch guilders)

Dutch Royal Wedding 20 Years On: Religious Ceremony. Last week, we looked back 20 years at the hats worn to Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien's civil wedding on May 17, 2001. Today, we continue with their religious ceremony, held May 19, 2001 at St Jacobs Church in The Hague. Laurentien's gown, made of radzimir silk, was designed. Dutch Royal Jewels. March 25 · QUEEN JULIANA'S DIAMOND WATCH. In 1959, the late Queen Juliana celebrated her 50th birthday. Modest as she always was, Queen Juliana insisted she wouldn't be spoiled with a great gift. For once, the Queen's orders were not obeyed, as she received a stunning diamond watch as a National Gift. Designed by P.F. Dutch royal jewels. Saved by marjolein verkerk. 1. Tahitian Pearl Earrings Wide Brimmed Hats Dutch Royalty Charlotte Casiraghi Royal Jewelry Queen Maxima Lady And Gentlemen Royal Fashion Glamour. More information... More like thi July 16, 2021 - 12:52 BST Danielle Stacey. The Dutch royal family took part in the traditional summer photoshoot at their home in The Hague on Friday. The Netherlands royal family stepped out for. HM Queen Juliana of the Netherlands' Aquamarine Tiara and Parure Here worn by HRH Princess Máxima of the Netherlands The Dutch Royal House has a beautiful collection of aquamarines, which have been collected since the 1920's. Many of the pieces have great sentiment attached to them, and have been worn by many of th

The Tiaras Were Out in Full Force at a Formal Banquet Honoring the Dutch Royal Visit the U.K. Read full article. 1 / 5 On the 14th of december 1881 the large tiara was delivered to the Dutch Royal House also together with a second frame (for a much smaller setting for using only the top row of 27 diamonds from the big Tiara) and also with two huge diamond and saphire bracelets The details: With a 44 carat diamond at the centre, the Dutch Sapphire tiara is one of the largest pieces in the Dutch collection. It was worn by Queen Máxima to her husband's coronation as king

The Dutch Sapphire Necklace Tiara This is one of the smaller, but no less opulent tiaras in the Dutch Royal Family's collection. Created from a sapphire necklace; and previously-owned jewellery. This tiara has been valued at around £4 million, which means that the Dutch royal family would need to spend around £62,769 insuring this tiara each year. Norway (£243,230 per annum) Norway's three most recently worn royal wedding tiaras are estimated to be worth around £15.5 million, which is the third highest valuation of the eight. The Saphire parure was a gift of King Willem III of the Netherlands, to his wife Queen Emma in 1881. The design is very similar - but more gothic in details -, as by the famous jewelery-designer Oscar Massin who also worked for the Paris jewelery-firms and for his own jewel house. One of Massin's greatest designs is visible in the diamond and sapphire tiara of the Dutch Royal House

The jewel collection of the Dutch royal family includes a tiara made by Mellerio for Queen Emma. The ruby tiara is part of a set made in 1889. Mellerio also made the rose pattern diamond tiara bought by Victor Emmanuel II of Italy for the 1868 wedding of his son, Prince Umberto, to Margherita of Savoy Today we're taking a look at the Emerald Parure Tiara, owned by the Dutch Royal Family. Embed from Getty Images Queen Emma ordered this tiara from the jewellers Schürmann in 1899 - she wanted. The royal palaces are the property of the Dutch state and given for the use of the reigning monarch; While the House of Orange-Nassau possesses a large number of personal belongings, items such as paintings, historical artifacts and jewellery are usually associated with the performance of royal duties and/or the decoration of royal residences. The Royal Look For Less is a jewelry & lifestyle brand with an emphasis on curating jewelry of Royal Families around the world. We carry the world's largest collection of Royal Tiaras. We invite you to experience the fascinating history, gorgeous tiaras fitting for a perfect bride, just for fun or on a collector's shelf It was the first time in 36 years that a Dutch royal had officially visited the UK and all eyes were on the giant rock in the centre of Queen Maxima's tiara. Getty Image

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Gold round crown, Bridal Crowns Crystal Tiaras and Crowns Royal Queen King Diadem Bride Wedding Hair Jewelry Pageant Circel Head Ornaments UStiaracrown 4.5 out of 5 stars (804) Sale Price $39.99 $ 39.99 $ 49.99 Original Price $49.99 (20% off. Royal Dutch Jewels This is an absolutely wonderful website about the Dutch royal jewels. There are tiaras, brooches, and entire suites for you to look at, and each piece is stunning Jewels: Red Garnet tassel earrings worn by HM Queen Maxima at the opening of the annual breast cancer awareness month. #cambridge queue-tie pie #royal jewels #rj20 #queen maxima #dutch royal jewels #dutch royal family. victorysp. Follow

The jewels are now by inheritance in the collections of the royal and princely families of Sweden, Danmark, Prussia and Saxen-Weimar. Consecutive Princes of Orange and Kings of the Netherlands have tried to institute a collection of crown-jewels that weren't a fideï comis and were therefore inseparable but they did not succeed The Dutch Queen wore a tiara, earrings, necklace and bracelet from the Mellerio Ruby Parure, a set that has been with the Dutch royal family for over a century. The Queen also wore Queen Juliana's. Laurentien chose the Laurel Wreath Tiara from the Dutch Royal Collection for her big day, ticking lots of family boxes. Because this sparkler had been a favourite of her new mother-in-law, Beatrix, for many years. Wedding Of Prince Constantin And Laurentien Brinkhorst On May 19Th, 2001 In La Haye, Netherlands The Dutch king's comment was a light-hearted reference to the landmark moment when Elizabeth (and her corgis!) joined Daniel Craig to film a fun opener for the London Olympics in 2012. ROYAL.


  1. Dutch Royal Family. The Dutch royal family's most spectacular tiaras. Dutch king and queen recreate romantic proposal for Valen... Sneak peeks inside the royals' homes during lockdown
  2. Queen Maxima's breathtaking tiara features one of the most important stones belonging to the Dutch royal family. The exact origins of the Stuart diamond are unknown, but it once belonged to King.
  3. Royal Tiaras Saturday, September 24, 2011. Dutch Diamond Bandeau Tiara. This bandeau, composed of a collection of large diamonds which were given by the nation to Queen Emma in 1879, was made in the 1930s. Posted by megirlmeme at 12:26 PM No comments: Email This BlogThis
  4. The Dutch College of Arms (the Hoge Raad van Adel) approved of a new royal coat of arms with crown on 24 August 1815. From then on, the heraldic crown and the actual crown would differ. The heraldic crown was described as a bejeweled golden ring with golden fleurons and pearls, eight rising arches studded with pearls and topped with an orb.
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The Dutch royal family. All the latest news, photos and more on the Dutch royals - Queen Beatrix, Prince Johan Friso, King Willem Alexander, Queen Maxima. Updated 06 JUL 2021 Oscar Massin in the Dutch Royal Collection read more > Alba: My tiara for a horse read more > Queen Máxima's antique Dutch earrings read more > Queen Máxima's sapphire tiara... is Dutch read more > Dutch sapphire tiara: not Mellerio, nor Massin read more > Queen Wilhelmina's sapphire bow brooch read more > Jewels from Anna Pavlovn Royal Wedding Gowns Royal Weddings Wedding Dresses Kings & Queens Royals Royal Tiaras Dutch Royalty Royal Brides Queen Maxima. Beatrix Queen/Princess of the Netherlands, wedding with Claus von Amsberg. Dutch Royalty Royal Brides First Daughter Queen Maxima Royal Fashion King Queen Netherlands Photos Nassau

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  1. Königin Beatrix und die Saphir-Parure ihrer Urgrossmutter Emma | |Dutch Royal Jewels History| Queen Betrix can be seen wearing it on the following photo Die zweite Version dieser Tiara als Hochzeits-Diadem von Prinzessin Mabel | Prinzess Mabel`s wedding-tiara, the second tiara-frame of this parure.
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  3. The Dutch Royal Family's jewels aren't owned by individual members for the most part but rather belong to the family foundation. Queen Juliana created the foundation so that her jewels wouldn.
  4. In tribute to the close links between the British and Dutch royal families, Queen Maxima wore the famous tiara, from the Dutch royal collection, that featured the Stuart Diamond
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  1. King Of Netherlands Dutch Queen Royal Tiaras Dutch Royalty Royal Jewelry Jewellery Royal Life Visit Japan Save The Queen. Dutch Royals visit Japan State Dinner at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan, 29 October 2014
  2. RoyalDish - Dutch Royal jewelry - page 1. Please read here on how to use images on RoyalDish. - Please read the RoyalDish message on board purpose and rules. Images containing full nudity or sexual activities are strongly forbidden on RoyalDish. RoyalDish.com > Other Royal Stuff > Royal Fashion and Jewelry > Topic: Dutch Royal jewelry
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  4. Gold round crown, Bridal Crowns Crystal Tiaras and Crowns Royal Queen King Diadem Bride Wedding Hair Jewelry Pageant Circel Head Ornaments UStiaracrown 4.5 out of 5 stars (788) Sale Price $39.99 $ 39.99 $ 49.99 Original Price $49.99 (20% off.
  5. 2 The Dutch royal family costs more than the British one. The crown itself, by the way, was made out of gold-plated silver in 1840, and uses fake pearls and jewels made from fish scales, glass.
  6. The Swedish royal family put on a glittering display at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony banquet on Tuesday, wowing in opulent jewels and elegant ball gowns.. Queen Silvia of Sweden, 75, who wore.
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  1. Dutch Inauguration: Tiara Talk. The Dutch Inauguration is less than a week away! This will be an emotional week, yet exciting moment for the Dutch Royal Family. Let's stop thinking about the negative and start thinking about the positive: There will be Tiaras! If anyone is in the Royal Fandom with me, you'd know that you're a sucker for tiaras
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  4. Royals Dutch Queen Ruby Bracelet Diamond Tiara Royal Tiaras Gala Dinner Royal Jewelry Queen Maxima Royal Palace Queen Maxima of The Netherlands leaves the Royal Palace Amsterdam... Queen Maxima of The Netherlands leaves the Royal Palace Amsterdam after the Gala diner for the Corps diplomatique on April 24, 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. Dutch royals mark King Willem-Alexander's fifth year on the throne The King, 50, is joined by his wife Queen Maxima, 46, and their three daughters Princesses Catharina-Amalia, 14, Alexia, 12, and Ariane, 11 for the stunning new photo shoot
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